Myocarditis from Moderna 2nd Dose Higher in Men Under 40 than COVID19 | NEW PATRON, ET AL CIRC PAPER

Here is the paper by Patron and Colleagues

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. I came back to see whether you changed your opinion on vaccines. I appreciate your dedication to science, but I believe scientists should factor in scientific official data as you do, but they shouldn't discard other arguments. I'm curious to know whether you read "the real Anthony fauci and what you think of it

  2. These psycho doctors and things that are going on these days are just crazy. These viruses and even the vaccines are freaking man made and I don't trust no doctor and I do t trust the government

  3. 7:19 Norwegian health authorities (FHI) said men under 30 should "consider choosing" pfizer over moderna in october 2021. At this point almost all men under 30 had already received two doses. This half-assed reccomendation drowned in all the other hysteria and did not seem very serious when they left the choice up to the (young) individual. Myself and most others I know got pfizer as the first dose and moderna the second. They said it was "the same meal prepared by a different chef". People did not know which vaccine they would get before they showed up at the venue. It's pretty shocking if Norway is looked at as the prime example of "taking safety seriously" with these vaccines.

  4. As a doctor, I often recommend statins for elderly people for primary prevention based on some evidence.

    Somehow the FDA figured out that the elderly population at risk for shingles needed to get a newer shingles vaccine even after having a previous generation of the shingles vaccine. I’d dead believe that that was based on some careful science to make that type of recommendation, but these days I don’t know what to believe.

  5. there is ZERO proof the vaccine doe any help at all, ZERO. They say if you get the jab you won't get as sick. If you drink orange juice you won't get as sick. Same data same results EXCEPT orange juice doesn't kill or hurt people.

  6. My boss died a few months ago of an enflamed left ventricle ie myocarditis. One of our last conversations was how I was mad for turning down the vaccine while he suffered from 'long covid '. I feel more justified than ever to think of my own health rather than trialling experimental vaccines

  7. I'm a former Infanteer and Aircraft Structures Tech and I could tell the data collection during this entire pandemic was garbage. I can't think of a better way to describe it, which has made me a thousand percent more skeptical of anything any medical professional says to me now. I've lost almost all faith in the institutions that just seem to indoctrinate doctors and nurses and the regulators that are supposed to hold them to account, greed and incompetence have destroyed this once noble profession.

  8. I am a 66 year old woman and two weeks after the first Moderna vaccine my heart went crazy. It lasted about two weeks, and then went away. I never reported it. I know an older female doctor who had the same thing happen and she never reported it. Could this have been myocarditis? My friend the doctor said it was.

  9. They are openly admittng that the "new and improved" omnlcron specific Phizer booster they are about to role out was never actually tested on humans only mice

  10. My only question right now is why is this guys main reaction 8 year old glee. Oh wait, ‘I was right!!!!’ and yeah stoking divisiveness is good for clicks. The past should be ‘litigated’ across the board but not like this. I’ll go learn about this huge issue and the study in detail from someone who isn’t snorting it like cocaine.

  11. The governments were complicit in pushing this vaccine upon the people. The political leaders should all be arrested and held to account. The politicians should also be investigated on payments received for promoting this poison.

  12. And…of course, the FDA has again ignored proper procedures and mounting scientific evidence as this morning approved EUA (again in absence of a current emergency) authorization for both Pfizer and Moderna “updated” vaccine which is bivalent with the original vaccine with an added component that targets Omicron variants. SMH

  13. The reason the vaccine causes higher rates of myocarditis (in my opinion) is due to the LNP passing through the blood brain barrier and spreading into every major organ system in your body.

  14. The question is, is the damage mostly when first administering the vaccine or does it create a condition that shows later. Im hoping for everyones sake its after administering that you will know your outcome.

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