Mysterious “Pro Vax” propaganda stickers appearing in Sydney. $ponsored by big Pharma?

What you think of these PRO VAX stickers ? More like Pro-Woke, Pro-Pharma, Pro-Setka, Pro-bootlicker!We prefer the FTP stickers! Film the Police!
Instructions for our supporters who want to order some FTP stickers leave your address in the “leave a note” section, desired amount of stickers and small amount to cover postage:

Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. I walk around the city on my lunch break in the middle of the night ripping these and climate propaganda down. Anything that isn't far left is far right according to these people

  2. I understand that at this time you have nothing better to post due to temporary "freedom " summer break.
    Try to reposrt the protests in Italy, Germany etc.. it is by far more productive than this BS you posted here

  3. Bruh, whywould you deface or consider naughty a sticker that says its pro vax, pro union, anti fascist and anti racist?

    If its the same message as yours, why would you want it stamped out?

  4. Fascism – Centralized governmental regime, (dictation). Violent suppression of opposition. Forceful regimentation of industry and commerce.. Forceful control of social behaviors. Militarization of police etc… Funny how the vax seems to be the center piece of fascist under pinning's here. What morons!

  5. This is not about racist it's about rich and poor. There is a higher percentage of multicultural society in poorer suburbs but makes no difference if you are from overseas or been here for generations poor are treated as scumbags and rich like royalty it only seems that way

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