Mysterious Virus Is Attacking Babies Warns CDC

The CDC is warning that a mysterious virus is attacking infants at a much higher rate than ever before. Specifically a form of “parechovirus,” the infection has been diagnosed in newborns across the country, including a “cluster” of nearly two dozen cases at a single Tennessee hospital. What’s causing this spike in parechoviruses? Some officials are pointing to recently relaxed COVID restrictions, while others suspect the culprit may be the vaccines introduced to fight the coronavirus.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the mysterious illness and possible reasons for this recent spike.

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  1. … Bienvenue a Cirque du Macabre…. WHERE…. using Trampolines and Trebuchets a la Wiley E. Coyote for featuring deployment-difficult gain-of-function devolutionary Viral Acrobatics that can NEVER have….NATURALLY…. progressed…. pathogenically…. without the midwiving ministrations of Anthony Fauci Et Al. as conniving clinical intermediaries in…. HOSTING this dysplannedemic…. AND…. for which they are HANDSOMELY being rewarded by those currently using fractioning of public cohesion in creating dysfunction through fraternal factioning…. to failure…. as an act of Global humanitarian TREASON while…. due to inherent intersectional inabilities of necro-narrow interest in successfully solving for globally integrate micromanagement of global macro-complexity…. totalitarian fascism cannot function in FURTHERANCE of pro-evolutional Salvation…. for ANYTHING…. dragging it's exclusionary baggage about 'n' behind while…. speaking of WHICH…. 'Father of Fascism' Mussolini's favored word for Fascism was CORPORATISM…. FranklinDelanoRoosevelt's disparaging word for CORPORATISM was…. FASCISM…. Our current socio-economic political system IS…. CorporatistFA$CI$M…. A.lso K.nown A.s end-cycle Crony Corporatist Capitalism…. devolving RAPIDLY…. into 'crypto'-TOTALITARIAN…. corporatist/fascism…. while everybody sits around going we CAN'T use words like fascism and totalitarianism or we'll lose the argument by alienating the…. fascists…. and totalitarians…. 'n' all their head-in-a-hidey-hole water-carrying WANNA-beeze…. y' CAN'T take OFF the table the VERY words that MOST aptly describe the problem…. the fascistic…. 'CRYPTO'-totalitarian…. problem…. or by removing Comments like the following…. … the VaXX is NOT benignly efficacious at ANY level…. let's LOOK into 'symptom reduction'…. somebody…. ANYBODY…. betcha a SIGNED dollar it ain't there…. ALL things CONSIDERED…. the VaXX is a set-up for highly contagious highly virulent end-product Variant release FROM ongoing gain-of-function OPERATIONs currently being perpetrated in general population under a FalseFlag rubric of 'public health' 'vaccination' policy…. both for ADVANCING end-product virulence/contagion through deliberate use of 'leaky' 'vaccination'…. AND…. preparatory plow-down of natural immunity in general population through deliberate use of immuno-TOXIC 'vaccination'…. and all purposed at preparation for socio-dys-economic controls to be implemented (if not implanted) as so-called 'remediative' reaction for further dysPLANNEDemic fallouts…. EVIDENCE…. Seeke and Ye shall Finde…. OR…. we can all just wait for these nice Perps to PREVAIL at…. wePayTHEYplay…. which…. they ARE…. barring disruptions by pro-evolutionary BIO-phylic COUNTERVAILING intervention through…. where'n'when POSSIBLE…. continuate evolvement of Civil ECOnomics…. currently being preemptively blocked and bludgeoned to bits by…. as we speak…. CorporatistCovidDYSeconomics…. aaAAANNNNDDdd…. continuous removal and/or GhostPosting of Comments such as…. this one…..

  2. The government is now releasing viruses to attack our youth and Fertility. Don't trust the new vaccines or government facilities. They haven't been for the people in decades

  3. I find it IMPOSSIBLE to not realize that America has ALREADY been overtaken! WAKE UP PEOPLE AND REALIZE THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE!!!!.
    Open your eyes, use common sense, think with a clear mind, do some research, AND U JUST MAY BE PART OF SAVING THE WORLD!!!!

  4. With respect…
    They are upset about the implications that they might actually be responsible for the creation of the viruses that are suddenly being made more friendly to humans, than they once were…
    “Nothing to see here”…

  5. "They are not getting coronavirus, they're getting a different virus". Well, some of the COVID-19 vaccines had adenovirus vectors, which were used as the vector to get the RNA into your cells.

  6. There are certain things about society that have always made me question everything. 1 of those things is when they do stuff like this 3:25 where they say a virus is circulating around, but my first thought is "okay… HOW? How do people get it, how is it transmitted??" Yet those things are never said when those are the most important things and the things you would be saying first if you actually cared whatsoever about anything but these clowns are 'just doing my job' type bs and don't care at all. It's what they don't tell you that should make you question everything about them

  7. Jimmy, between you Steph, Jackson, and Kurt……I actually am beginning to TRUST news again. Your honesty and actually telling the truth, doesnt matter "what" side. The two parties are screwing ALL of us. Keep it!!! Keep the humor too! I get a daily laugh from you all

  8. Mysterious V = J-A-B. We have been asking FOR THE LOVE OF GOD for people to WAKE UP and say NO!!! They refuse to listen! I get mad, sad and furious with this situation!

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