Mystery Coder – I’ve Got All The Ballots on a Thumb Drive, 3381

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  1. i watched the cnn votes where the video was slowed down and as the cutaway from the voter tally to another "actor on commentary it showed votes added to biden with votes removed from trump.
    This guy sounds false. the title of this video complately misleading….. nice click bait.

  2. Years ago when they first introduced electronic voting machines in Florida I said, bad news…makes it too easy to cheat. We need to do away with electronic voting machines. Paper ballots are all we need.

  3. Don't need to prove faud. Just that State law wasn't followed. Legal procedures were not followed. A bunch of kindergrdeners ran the election & new procedures were enacted illegally. Just did anything they wanted procedurally. Also numerous sworn affidaits about abuse of specific people. Books didn't balance. All that was certified was that an election was held. What about testimony from Army intelligence officer & the Smartest Man in the room. Doctorate & four math master's degrees. Thumb drives, keys, ether cables, laptops election night. Votes counted on a server in another county. The reputation & history of Dominion. Wow. Incredible. However, the State Legislatures can & should invalidate the election based alone on overwhelming evidence of so many proven acts of violaton of election law. Terrible injustices including descrimination.

  4. Using thumb drives to transport data is super DUMB!!! This guy with a wiped thumb drive is stupid… If u had the data, should of sent it to Sidney Powell.

  5. So he's saying he's got a pdf of the ballot form… what, anyone could scan a ballot and make tons anyway. It doesn't seem like he's saying he actual vote forms that people filled out.

  6. In 30 minutes I can recover the deleted files from a cameras thumb drive, SD card, or any other "deleted" storage device. If the ballots were in fact on that drive, any data that was there can be recovered.

  7. .The President, ("our President of the United States"), has just not only saved the United States Citizens, "(our family members)", but He, has saved the World also with this vaccine… We the People, and the World,( "THANK YOU President TRUMP).

  8. Th his guy is a pos, liar ,deceiver, reprobate, chicken shit lier. Demio. Did nothing wrong,, what… hes a clown, trump won hands down. Biden is a cheat. Pray people pray

  9. He sounds like a Dominion apologist trying to take people off the scent. He wants people to focus on individual thumb drives vs a forensic audit of the machines. While he could have half of the story, the machines themselves need to be audited vs trying to track down tiny thumb drives in and of themselves. If Dominion wasn't corrupt, then Powell is wrong and all of those Dominion employees who deleted their linked in accounts didn't need to. In the end, where there is smoke, there is fire.

  10. I'm not really buying his story, but he just admitted that he "had" the entire election ballots "before" the election? How come he isn't in cuffs right now? Then he said he deleted all of it? That right there is a crime to destroy something that you knew was illegal to have in the first place. We have a conspiracy, fraud, and many others to say the least which would put this guy in prison for a very long time with a new girlfriend named, "Steve." How was that file created? Who created it? Did he create it? Where did it come from if it did not come from him? He didn't mention anyone making it, he just admitted that he had it? A single actor destroying the election? Not buying it. The way he's talking and how he is saying it is protecting someone or others. He should be arrested. He just admitted he committed a crime. Several of them. #FBI @FBI

  11. Don't believe this at all…China owns the machines. THEY are the ones who want this election flipped…there is no monetary incentive to anyone except someone who sold USA out(buying the machines to begin with) Texas wasn't stupid enough to be duped!