Mystery’ illness sweeping the world

They just don’t know how people are contracting it 🤔🤐

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  1. Looks like they are going to blame this 'outbreak' on an adenovirus, for which there is a vaccine! Yippee- not really. The solution for the medical pharmaceutical industry is to always treat one problem of poisoning with another poison. THEY seem to be under the misguided belief that one can be poisoned to health or back to health. What a truely bizarre and unscientific belief. The medical pharmaceutical industry schools ought to seriously look into the material they are teaching in their curriculum, as their practices are based on the most insane theories. How do they get away with these insane and harmful theories and practices? Does it all boil down to greed and profits or is there more to?

  2. The mystery illness is called FEAR! It’s spread by the UN and WHO and passed on to governments who pass it on to their people with relentless propaganda. If you are not afraid and ignore these fear mongers it’s all good. Hey I got Covid I’m elderly and spent two days on the couch resting, job done. No need for a fearsome vaccine, booster, or anything else. Just ignore the dreadful fear mongers who aim to profit from your fear and misery, may the bastards forever burn in hell!

  3. Here in the comments is the special group of Anti vaxxers and conspiracy theorist forget all these crap of vaxs bad just go with the trend which is simple, you refused to be jabbed then no problem we can release a new virus that this time is targeted your kids and its guarantee more people will be $hitting their pants giving us more control of humanity and apply all the updated emergency laws we placed.

  4. Well the British doctor claimed only children up to 5 years of age had hepatitis. This idiot says up to 16 years old are getting it. Which is it? They should at least get their lies right.

  5. the vaccines use adenovirus 40 41 to graft the spikes from the corona virus on to it

    ALL of the children tested poz for adenovirus type 40 41

    it s spread by the oral/fecal route

    there are outbreaks causing deaths and the need for transplants in every region, europe, canada, the usa and now spreading in asia

    it is NOT "extremely rare"

    it IS unprecedented, NEVER to have occurred before in human medical history

  6. Interesting all these mysterious illness appear after a mass medical procedures have been imposed on most ppl. An interesting that these hepatitis cases are in the places they mandated these procedures. Bit there can't be a link to the procedures bc it is safe and effective.

  7. Who is deleting my comment about Dr Stuckelberger!? I repeat; search; Dr Astrid Stuckelberger UN Whistleblower Brighteon. Watch and get your local One Nation Party to follow her directives. This is urgent, we have only until the 20th of May 2022. This is no a scam or a lie. This is FACT!

  8. He states the instances are from 1 month to 16 years. If it is in infants does this mean it is something the mother was exposed to that has been passed on to the new born, or is it something else.

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