NAB Hikes Interest Rates – Real Estate impact

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National Australia Bank is hiking interest rates just like the rest of the Banks. Will it make any difference to the housing market?


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Written by Heise Says


  1. There’s a lot more to bank interest rates than a OCR setting. The markets/swap and bonds rates. The banks in nz (Australian banks) had been lifting heaps lately and not in sink with the OCR at all . Australia will follow. Also there’s inflation to consider. I don’t think banks think central banks are keeping up with what’s going on and they probably don’t want to be caught out. As a mortgage holder I wouldn’t fixate on the RB , altho when a RB lifts banks will follow and stay higher but that doesn’t mean they won’t and can’t jump ahead

  2. If interest rate starts to pick up, it won’t stop in short time. Depends on the inflation, see how far it can go, our neighbour New Zealand mortgage rates went up few times in half year already.