Nabisco Strike Goes Nationwide

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  1. I'll share a story, I used to serve this 90 year old man named John Zuppa. He was a great man who was actually a union delegate. He told me about this one negotiation he was in with management, and the company reps said alright well you can win this one but we get the next one. He said "What? Do you think this is a fucking game? These guys just want to be treated fairly and all they want is a fair days pay for a fair days work." I will always remember Johnny, an extremely decent man who reminded me just how much has been lost and it points out how spineless some of these union leaders have become. RIP Johnny Zuppa

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  3. this is fine , what I have trouble with is government unions giving a 25 yr fire fighter an 80,000 a year retirement he starts collecting at 50 , and the whole state has to tax the people to pay these retirements that one government official negotiated with another government official for ,all the while not letting the tax payer know they will be on the hook for over 40 years of retirement for working for 25 years , thats 3.2 million per retiree, not to mention chiefs that will get 6 figures for their whole retirement for being the chief for 5 years

  4. Its capitalism inside of a constitutional republic that gives more rights to corporations than individuals and is allowed to do what ever it wants by a legislature thats in bed with them. Capitalism works just fine- capitalism is why the company made 26.6 billion in 20/20- capitalism is not the problem- greed is the problem- anti regulation of corporate earnings and labor expenditures is the problem.

  5. According to Wikipedia "On September 15, the union and company announced that they had reached a tentative agreement that would end the strike, with voting amongst union members to commence in the following days. On September 18, union members voted to accept the agreement, thus ending the strike. Terms of the contract included pay raises, increased contributions to the workers' 401(k) accounts, and a $5,000 bonus."

  6. It ended up with 5.000$ bonuses, increased pay and increased 401k benefits. Good. I wonder how much the benefits and the pay were increased, probably not that much. But it's the first step.

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