‘Naïve’ to think Russia will lose war, says Dr Jordan Peterson

Notions that the Russians are going to lose the war in Ukraine are “naïve,” says clinical psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson.

“Or that we’re going to win,” he said.

“I don’t understand that. What do you mean we’re going to win? What are we going to win here exactly?

Dr Peterson said even if Vladimir Putin allowed Russia to retreat from Ukraine, the country would be left in “smoking ruins”.


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  1. I think Jordan Peterson should focus more on talking about Psychology than trying to predict the outcome of conflicts. We have the CIA to do that for us I don’t think Jordan Peterson has an expert level intellect on this issue.

  2. Naive to think Russia will lose the war? It's Naive to think they haven't lost already. Zelensky could turn around and surrender tomorrow (spoiler; he won't) and this would still be an unmitigated disaster for Russia. Russia wanted a 3 day war were they'd overthrow the Ukrainian government, and install a puppet regime before the west could be bothered doing anything about it. Instead they're 7 moths deep into the most humiliating ass kicking Russia has sustained since Hitler invaded. Their best professional units have failed, they've lost thousands of their best vehicles, and tens of thousands of their best trained and equipped men, and now they're so desperate they're recruiting convicts, old men, instituting a draft many Russians do not want, and digging out tanks from the 60s to replenish their losses.

  3. I think the elite leaders are planning an annihilation of the masses while blaming Russia and conservatives for it. What good can come out of banning farming? What good can come out of outlawing oil? They know the consequences, and still they proceed with their evil plans.

  4. Jordan is often on the money when it comes to human behaviour…. Scott Ritter is excellent for opinions of a military and tactical nature…. Russia will NOT walk away from this battle…. Ukraine must capitulate…. there is no choice.

  5. The US and NATO did everything they could to start this war going back to Obama.. Putin wanted to have talks with Obama and NATO over their expansion of NATO . They refused to talk.. Now with Biden and NATO countries they once again refused to talk.. All they had to say is Ukraine would never be a part NATO .

  6. he is naive to think he can win as in all these things the final solution will be all putin has left then we are all gone ,and if he crawl out of his bunker their will be nothing to rule over

  7. I can't wait until Russia anhialates Ukraine, especially after the genocide they did on the ethnic Russians in the Donbass. When my grandad fought against the Nazis in Italy I never believed for a second our government would fund them, and supply weapons to them. It breaks my heart and makes me sick tot the stomach. Ukraine is rich with bloodline Nazis that settled and have a major role in society there. The left support them due to the fact they were National Socialists, and like all Socialist agendas they spawn murderous intentions.

  8. NATO are driving the war from start to a very dirty finish. All the warnings were there and NATO “on our behalf without permission” stoked this on behalf of crazy politicians. Putin bad, Salensky good doesn’t ring true if you study what has happened this century for the two men and what they have achieved for the world while being allies to the west.

  9. Peterson would say anything to get a reaction. He gets owned too often by other intellectuals. His knowledge of war on the ground is zilch due to his lack of service. Another nobody mouthing off about stuff he don't understand.

  10. The threat the BRICS affiliation poses is a threat to more than energy. More potentially the collapse of the economic order will lead to poverty and starvation on a global scale. The left would love to see the collapse because it would herald a new world order by which their dogma would comfortably embrace all that is totalitarianism. The reality they fail to see is they won't be in charge. Dr Peterson's remark you get to the point that both directions are disastrous has considerable merit because when you critically analyse the legal and technological outcomes of the past 34 months conservative and progressives are clearly on the same totalitarian technocracy path. Attached is a recent announcement by our highly authoritarian state Premier on new laws to manage a virus that died out way back in April May 2021 as he flogs the notion it remains a threat. A claim that goes completely against the known facts around the evolution of such zoonotic corona viruses in particular this one. Read the article and see how democracy is being extinguished in line with the damage that has already occurred in the West to our freedom, liberties, personal sovereignty and human rights. Keep in mind each state in Australia now has a high tech quarantine detention center and the media drive against the unvaccinated.

    Lest we forget.

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