Naked woman bravely protests on Melbourne’s streets against Dan Andrews

One of many brave women who are leading the protests against crazed Dictator Dan Andrews!

Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. For the sake of your children must take appropriate measures to safeguard their futures and lives or they will systematically kill you off!!
    Get ready fir the coming eruptions globally! We are now in a global Deflationary Economy!! Evergrande (CCP State owned) will not make any payments to any country! The global central banks will not be able to control this Deflationary period because it won’t be “gentle” and your currency will be worthless shortly.
    Unfortunately kinetic scuffles are inevitable! WHY IS THERE A BUILD UP OF UN VEHICLES IN AUSTRALIA!!?? prepare accordingly m8s!! For your children!!!

  2. If you don’t know by now it’s all about a new currency an having access to that with a Covid passport ! Shame on the political elite for the tyranny soon be lights out at 10 , need to stand up an be counted all around the world or where’s all Ph kd !

  3. If every citizen needs to have a government app why not use it to vote on every law put fourth in parliament; true democracy. Propositions should be polled on the app and saved in a blockchain so votes can be viewed by everyone. This idea should be put fourth by everyone in every possible place until it gains traction. Let’s see how many politicians get pay rises when the people are deciding the laws.

  4. Fair play to this woman! As for Dan Andrews… when the history books are written about this period he will at best be described as a fool and at worst an supporter of an EVIL AGENDA! Fo now he will become hated and despised by the public at large and sadly later in life when he needs some help…well, he probably won't get it. You reap what you sow and harvest time is slowly but surely we are getting closer to that point.

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