Nancy Pelosi Profiteering Off Russia-Gate!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. I get that liberals, progressives etc don't agree with Republicans on a lot. This is the worst scandal since Watergate. In fact it may be worse because actual government officials and the media are all coconspirators not just party members.

  2. i cant understand as jimmy debunks the 4 years of lies about Trump by the establishment. How is the enemy of you enemy not your Allie. Middle east peace deals, only president not to start a new conflict in 40 years. Trying to draw down our troops. Trump 2020

  3. liberalism and the green movement have been hijacked by these creeps. I don't think Trump is a con man, even if you hate his personality and some of his policies regarding oil etc ( I am not a fan of oil, it should be the first to go), if you don't vote for him we will end up in a totalitarian corrupt regime of our worst nightmares, think 1984. We can change things once they are gone, let Trump drain the swamp, at least you will have the freedom to do so. In my opinion.

  4. Jimmy knows what liars the Dems and the MSM are. Why such hatred for Trump then? Does he believe the media and the Dems suddenly were truthful when describing Trump's actions and policies? Hasn't he noticed how much better off he is being an entrepreneur? Trump may be a brash, oafish boar, but as a president he seems a lot better than most in taking care of regular Joe, although he never, ever will get the credit he deserves in the media. "but, but he's taking away the healthcare"…. really? Or is that what the Dems and the media have been telling you and if you believe them still that's on you, not Trump.

  5. More Pelosi corruption. Her and her husband invested in Crowdstrike giving you Russiagate. Still the Squad and Bernie are not endorsing Shahid Buttar running against Pelosi.

  6. Translation very accurate but also much to diplomatic Jimmy.

    Crowd Strike in co conspiratorial treason hired by criminal Clinton Team to meddle with and conspire a coup to undermine a election and then to co conspire to implicate illegally criminally a sitting president using foreign interference material gathered from Russia for the DNC propagated by MSDNC and its co conspiratorial accomplices of criminals participating with the criminal clinton cabal of treason actors THE FIFTH COLUMN from within traitors to attempt to overthrow a sitting president after criminally interfering with Executive transfer of power. Under the constitution this means death by hanging for all who participated and co conspired and participated and//or any who knowingly intentionally withheld or supplied false information or destroyed evidence of the entire setup and follow through of this Clinton ran DNC COUP de TAT. Still under way which includes all MSM media actors and govt congressional and senatorial participants to all be tried and executed for said crimes.

  7. We know they are all in on it because otherwise Crowd strike would be charged criminally with defrauding the government. We have you beat Jimmy. A lot of Trump supporters knew it before you

  8. What must be going through the minds of lifelong Progressives who voted for every Democrat, who were subversively destroying the Progressive movement. Guessing the first thought, BETRAYAL.

  9. Pelosi, how could she as a devout Catholic lie and cheat. Does she go to confession about her corruption? What kind of role model for her children and grandchildren?

  10. Jimmy, I follow you 100(+) than TYT and other liberal YouTube political commentators. Because you're really honest. Everyone else except Rsing the Hill wants to push the DNC agenda, and I'm not buying it. I hope that the Dems go back to what they say they stand up for, but it's good to have you and your team around not to distort information.

  11. While watching this video I got a political commercial about the handful of trump businesses that went bankrupt pushing a conspiracy that Russia bailed him out through a money laundering scheme in Germany

    When they locked the information that's not public they can put out falsehoods they point out the last six presidents release their tax returns but all were career politicians not with massive private assets that your competitors can exploit or can be misconstrued by the press and politicians the IRS knows his taxes if he did anything wrong he would be in trouble or do we not trust the IRS now the same group that wants government to do all these things doesn't trust a government program like IRS

  12. Robert Mueller in 2010 appointed Shaun Henry as ahead of cyber security for the FBI. All the Players knew their parts back in 2016. So of course Mueller and his report was Not going to disparage/ discredit someone he appointed to a high position in the FBI years before.

  13. well jimmy, me myself comming from the "third world country" where we actually have an universal healthcare and a free education to some degree, I have an idea for you. You could set up a crowd-funded site to collect some money to help intelligent poor kids to get an education, and also to help people in need to get healthcare. The smarter and healthier your fellow citizens get, more they will listen to you… stupid billionaire trumps, bidens, bezos' and pelosies won't help you people, they care only for themselves. Simple snowball can start an avalanche…