Nancy Pelosi’s Brain BREAKS On TV In Bizarre Moment Where She Blurts Out Random Phrase

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  1. imagine a small independent youtuber delivering the news more reliably and honestly than the mainstream fake news media. the news giants from the days of old would commend you tim

  2. I watched the original, I don't think it was a seizure. Looking at her head movement I would guess she was reading something. The clip was 9 minutes long and she struggled through the whole thing, something about her halting speech. Maybe medication? Alcohol?

  3. You’re exactly right Tim. I have epilepsy and experience both grand mal and petite mal seizures. In fact, there are many kinds of petite mal seizures but I experience the exact type you’ve witnessed where I space out and then continue speaking minutes later like nothing happened. Thanks for trying to raise awareness!

  4. Let's be honest, we all know Joe was supposed to say 200 thousand (about Covid), not that big of a gaff… but he's still an incompetent person in all aspects of his life. Trump2020

  5. It was a reference to chuck schumers six ways to Sunday at getting back at trump… it’s now Sunday. In a response to arrows in your quiver.
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