Nancy Pelosis Taiwan Visit Was a TOTAL Disaster

Do we really need to deliberately antagonize China while we have low troop readiness and are already in a proxy fight with Russia?

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  1. Fuck West Taiwan. Piss them off as much as possible. Asian culture is based on respect, and respect comes with strength. If America cowers and holds back every time Pooh Bear throws a tantrum, West Taiwan will become more emboldened and create more pain and chaos.

  2. Thumbs up for mentioning China's "interests" in Africa.
    It's their new bread-basket. The Three Gorges dam has messed up farming lands, so, they're colonizing central Africa. And, no one is talking about it… unless, they're talking about how great it is that the CCP has brought free schools, and roads, and "police" made up of mercs loyal to the CCP (not even the military; straight to Bejing).

  3. Styx, love you man, but, you are missing a strategic piece here and you need to revisit this.

    Pelosi's visit was about high end microchips and America's strategic lead over the CCP in these assets.

    The CCP produces lots of chips, but, they are from dated tech the CCP has acquired second hand, still relevant, hey, washing machines use chips too, but dated tech just the same.

    The CCP is aware of this backwardness and has dumped hundreds of billions into their "The Big Fund" to try to catch up and even take the lead with high end chip production and this effort has failed.

    You can't buy innovative leading edge tech second hand at the used factory lot. Especially when Trump tightened up the rules and regime that hamper the CCP "acquiring" US leading edge IP.

    The six CEOs of the "companies" leading this charge have all been detained and are currently under interrogation by the CCP ostensibly for corruption (likely true, every level of the Communist regime is rife with grift and scam, show me the communist and I will show you the crime) and Xi has appointed one of his inner circle to take charge of this, yet another, CCP turkey.

    Also, it is election time for the CCP, Xi is coming up for "re-election" for a "historic" third term as leader of the CCP and this visit throws a harsh light on the failure of "The Big Fund" and the other CCP failures in recent times and puts more pressure on Xi's "face" in election year.

    The Republic of China (Taiwan) produces high end chips that are used in the F-35 and top end missile systems etc. and this visit is about a public display of US support for the producers of this strategic asset. Also, it is fostering the set up of the manufacture of said chips on US soil for further security of the production of these strategic assets (have I said strategic asset enough) currently under way.

    Pelosi's visit is about securing the US's strategic advantage in high end microchip production.

  4. The Biden admin could have saved themselves a big foreign policy headache by publicly telling Pelosi she can take a commercial flight to Taiwan and no fighter escort. I doubt Nasty Nancy would have gone under those circumstances. Also while the Chinese distracted us with Operation Blow Up the Ocean our worthless presstitute corps failed to report on all the export/import bans and tariffs they slapped on trade between the mainland and Taiwan. That's where the real retaliation for this takes place and it will take a couple of months before we start to see the impact in the US economy.

  5. Would you care to do a video on the current economic crisis in China right now given their housing market is near collapse. I doubt China would do shit right now, if anything, if the situation is even half as bad as I’ve heard they government would dissolve before war broke out and the army may refuse to fight if they were also promised housing that has not been built.

  6. It made Xi appear weak to his domestic audience at a time when the Chinese are questioning the government on numerous other issues as well (housing / lockdowns / loans, etc). China is in a very weak position currently, and it's only going to get worse for them as time goes on. I'm no Pelosi fan, but it was a low-cost way of inflicting a loss of face on Xi. Not like we need China for anything anyways.

  7. Solid bet she was there to suggest or pre-game an evacuation of corporations and Taiwan's government heads. That's what Pelosi and the administration really don't want to lose.

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