Narratives and Strategies of Far-Left Extremists

The EU has produced some quite insidious extremist propaganda that is operating under the guise of opposing extremism. In the process, they are marginalising very real and very centrist concerns for public safety.


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  1. there's a positive backfire effect of thecrime cover up in Germany.In order to adapt the statistics to the narrrative, terrorism motivated by islam was ordered to be filed as extrem rightwing. (though socialists are left extremism, and national socialists have as programm the in " my struggle"- autobiography emphasis on 'enhanced Marxism')Either the statistics have to ignore 90% of politically motivated crime (replacing democrthy with a caliphate – that's political), which also cuts the security for politicians, or they have to call it by its name or to fight it.

  2. Ifa HIrja takes longer than the start of te granting politicians retirement arrives…just waiting when the EU blme the jews for far right – we support holding onto your own culturesince 5000 years.

  3. My apologies for this non topic related post. I'm trying to see if my comment frustratingly disappears again, as it has been recently every time I post on Akkad Daily (& elsewhere too).

  4. This is the plan though. Mock people for talking about the things that are happening around them to such a point that peer pressure forces people into a corner. Its a lot easier when you've got control of the media to force your narrative.

  5. Is being extremely non-extreme, extreme?
    Don't you love how leftists complain about colonization, but then go radio silent when they then promote it. Maybe the English should colonize various parts of Africa. Only fair, right?

  6. No Sargon, you see, all cultures are equal in morality and all morals are objectively subjective and therefore can do no wrong unless it's a primarily white culture! To say women should have the right to body autonomy is obviously just a cultural bias!

    (I'm being sarcastic for anyone who didn't catch that.)

  7. Ffs, a white man doesn't even need to open his mouth or even move to be considered an evil, misogynist, rapist these days but apparently a black African man can do whatever the hell they want and you must be a Na.zi for thinking they did something wrong. Do the left not have the parts of the brain necessary to identify hypocrisy and irony. What a load of ridiculous bs. (Edit: It seems you can't use the word Na.zi or your comment will be auto deleted hence the full stop in the middle to fool the fascist bots. Oh the irony. lmao)

  8. A quick google of Monsieur Henin reveals that he has held captive for 10 months by Isis. One has to wonder if he was radicalized or at the very least fallen victim to Stockholm Syndrome. The perpetuation of the idea that these „men“ being the victims of a society in which they don’t understand the rules has allowed this behaviour to continue unabated. Poor lambs.And the award for this years best Gaslighter goes to…….

  9. Here is the United States in Nevada she would have pulled a gun out of purse and threaten to kill him. If him took one step toward her she would shoot him dead.
    In the United States you never know who is caring a gun.
    I know a lot of woman who care a pistol.

  10. I know this is a wild idea but: what if instead of attacking the supply of far right extremists, you attack the demand for them by actually addressing the things that push people in that direction?

  11. ahh there it is "community" police, replace community with communist. Anything that goes against the community is far-right. Why is it they don't understand the meaning of hypocrisy when they spew their propaganda, I thought these people that make these decisions were supposed to be the best educated? Honestly they live in a different world, they don't have to live with the consequences and they just have to maintain the suffering of everyone and make money

  12. It's interesting how the tax payer's money is being used to create political propaganda for a certain side, presenting another side as an outgroup. I thought our "democracies" were supposed to represent all their constituents ? interesting, very interesting.