Nate Silver OUTRAGED That People STILL Betting On Trump To Win, Put Up or SHUT UP

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  1. Just a FYI Tim they won't allow us to buy in on President Trump winning the election… I tried to put $150 on Trump pulling it out and they won't allow it!

  2. Trumps got more voters. Here's what happened… Democrats 'thought' they were going to see a blue wave. What actually happened instead is a huge red wave. The vote riggers for democrat were overwhelmed. Their planned vote switching and some other dubious ballots wasn't going to be enough. They had to shutdown counting the night of the election so they could work out how many extra ballots and votes they needed for a Biden win. They needed to concentrate on Trump's overthrow and they either forgot about the House and Senate races or were too overwhelmed by the numbers needed against Trump they couldn't do the usual switching for the down votes for House and Senate. That's why we have a statistical improbability of huge votes for the incumbent President yet losing the race, yet numbers of Republicans are winning and democrats lost so many seats.
    The Kraken will be released soon… and there will be consequences to this fraud.

  3. I’m actually planning on dropping a couple hundred bucks on trump to win. I just see it dripping more and more and I’m trying to wait till it’s at its lowest before I bet. Most likely going to do it tomorrow depending on the Monday morning news.

  4. Its not really fair to say Nate Silver was wrong on 2016. He had Trump at 30% right before that election when betting markets had Trump at <10% and was warning that the election was going to be much closer than people were predicting. He doesn't conduct polls anyway he simply analyses them. Its not his fault that polls don't have their shit together and produce bad data. He is still going to analyze it with the caveot "Base on the polling averages, we predict blah blah blah."

    Seems to me that betting Biden at 90% odds seems like great value and betting Trump right now is a suckers bet. They just dont have the evidence to overturn enough counted votes at this point. They aren't going to be able to overthrow all the mail in ballots because of a few thousand irregularities, those few thousand votes they have evidence of will be thrown out, but Trump is down at least 10k in all those close states he lost and down nearly 100k in Michigan and Penn. Trump team just doesn't have evidence to suggest voter fraud on the scale required to shift the results in enough, if any, states.

  5. It’s about time the press stopped calling the winner in the Presidential elections. It seems that Trump is putting the Constitution rules high in his thoughts and procedures. As it should be.

  6. Gulliani took down the Mob …Trump is taking down the Political and Media Mob. I'm only a Canadian who loves and prays for your President!!! ❤?✝️ ??TRUMP2020 ???

  7. Trumps shares are 11c meaning if Trump won you would get 89c/per 11c you bet… So If I am doing the math right (probably not) you would win 72,818$ if you bet 9,000$ on Trump and he won… Wish I had 9k dollars cause Trump IS winning.

  8. I just love the banner slapped on your site starting that AP declared Biden the president.
    Well by golly why didn't you say so. I checked my inbox and I couldn't find the memo that put AP in charge of being the authority on who is our isn't the president and just because it's gonna be shoved down my throat, that won't make me believe it more. All hail the thought police who only push their own agenda.

  9. if biden wins, that will be the end of any election, that comes after.. they won because they cheated and anyone with a brainstem and eyeballs can see that the democrats cheated.. this election will determine every election from now on, and you will never see a Republican in office again, they will have every 4 years to plan for the next steal… If biden wins that will be the death if America.. but hey its a good thing the "Right" has work tomorrow (for now) ….

  10. Election isn't over:
    Still dealing with election and voting fraud as well as malfunctioning voting equipment….
    Trump will be our President. Can I get in on the Trump 9 to 1 odds right now…?