National Blood Authority answers your COVID questions – Community Affairs Committee – 8 Nov 2022

Earlier this week I asked the National Blood Authority and the Health Department if they had tested blood samples from the last quarter of 2019 to see if Covid antibodies were detected.

I asked this because Covid antibodies were found in Italy as early as September 2019 four months before the media reported positive Italian cases of Covid in late January 2020. Many of the detected cases were asymptomatic and didn’t result in mass hysteria.

In his reply Prof Kelly didn’t think it was worth spending the money to find out whether antibodies to Covid were present and couldn’t understand why I would be interested in finding out.

I don’t know about you, but if I was in charge of our health system I would want to know so as to get a better understanding of how the “pandemic” was managed. Wouldn’t you?

If it was found out it was spreading for months before you knew, you would have known it had a low death rate and we could have avoided the response altogether!

I also asked why they thought it was safe to donate blood just three days after a Covid vaccine.

Professor Brendan Murphy steps in to claim that there isn’t evidence that the spike protein is in the blood. That’s right – he actually said that.

We’ve heard some porkies over the last few years but this one was up there with the best of them.

Of course they are in the blood – where else would they be. Given Myocarditis is a recognized side effect how does he think the spike protein travelled to the heart. Via the tooth fairy?

I will be taking this further. As far as I am aware there are no studies that prove spike proteins aren’t in the blood three days after the Covid vaccine.

You’ll also be delighted to know that Skerritt was in Ireland chairing a committee. Presumably the Scientific Advisory Council of the Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science. This organisation is funded by Big Pharmaceuticals.

He should be in Australia doing the job he is paid to do and appear at estimates. Not be off on some overseas junket serving foreign multinationals.


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  1. Is he claiming that when the mass vaccination started every citizen was required to donate blood prior to the vaccine ? it sound odd knowing they don’t have the infrastructure to store such big amount of blood in one go. how can you accept blood donation. from healthy people but they’ve chosen to inject unhealthy people ?

  2. These bureaucrats are masters of cya and just as resistant to insight or reflection. Their blithe disregard for the risks posed by these experimental gene-based pharmaceuticals is simply chilling.

  3. The most sense I have heard anyone speaking in a long time. Absolute brilliant in his obvious extensive research and interest in separating the fact from the fiction. Great stuff keep giving them hell.

  4. How can they sit there knowing what’s actually happening – as if the baj is nothing to worry about.It’s what their not saying that we need to hear out loud 😮

  5. Watching from Ireland..bless you Senator..for the people of Australia and every other country. We looked in horror at our brothers and sisters being treated like criminals by a tyrannical government…thinking of you all..and dont get me started about Dan Andrew's…tyrant

  6. SHARE WIDELY…ATAGI, PROF MURPHY FOUND GIVING FALSE ADVICE, that contradicted science of FDA. Caught lying in the Senate. Pharma kickbacks, bribery.

  7. These professional question-dodgers are a disgrace! Of course we should look for antibodies in blood collected in late 2019. I'm not surprised these people don't want to do it though, because if they were found to be present it would destroy the entire pandemic narrative. How dare Paul Kelly claim this testing is not a good use of resources. The conduct of these health bureaucrats is nothing short of criminal.

  8. Great work Senator! You are building a case against them by forcing them to answer your questions. I am sure this will be used as evidence when the time for judgement comes.

  9. I suppose the question is…. Can a person refuse to take blood from someone who has been given an mRNA product? Should be part of the blood donor visit form to ask if you have been given an mRNA shot, just as you are asked about your sexual preference and your recent travel to UK. Just saying.

  10. $8 Billion on vaccines, and nowhere near half used ! 😮
    Senator, the CE of the TGA can happily have the 4 jabs for each of 5 members of my family (20 jabs) to insure that he is fully protected against Covid 19; should protect him until mid 2023 at which time he can have the next 5 boosters if he truly believes it is life saving, stops transmission and is safer than eating cornflakes for breakfast !

  11. Soon, I guess they will call on unvaccinated people's blood, like for example prem babies.
    Thank-you Senator. I would havd thought 60 days are better, safer. So many unkown surprises still happening with those vaccines!
    The vaccine is more dangerous, then covid!
    Epoch times with dr Cole

  12. What a bloody obvious lie of course Covid can be transmitted throigh bl;ood or why /how could masks for example be effective if diect intection cant transmit

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