NATO and U.S. admit MASSIVE theft of weapons and billions of dollars sent to stop Putin

NATO and the European Union are concerned that weapons are getting lost inside Ukraine. In fact, experts say that the weapons go to Poland and are distributed to private vehicles. Private vehicles!? Experts are also concerned that the money going into Ukraine may be going to line politicians pockets. This has been a State Department concern since 2016 but apparently, not any more?

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  1. You have a great team & a fine program. Clayton & Natali are excellent journalists & hosts, but I can't hold back any more: Natali is absolutely adorable – she is the total package, brains & attractiveness. You're among the luckiest men alive, Clayton!

  2. The interesting thing is that it seems they are not conscripting just any women, just women of certain professions for now. And the list is telling – specialists in chemistry and biology (interesting, right), specialists in publishing and PR (again interesting), specialists in IT, military logistics and for some reason taxation experts (I wonder? )

  3. All peace-loving folks would as ever appreciate your insightful detailed analyses on Ukraine. However, they often wonder if some wars are more important than others. They argue that there are some 200 hotbeds around the globe each year without receiving even one fifth of attention from both the main and the independent medias. An old African adage has it that when your neighbour's hut is on fire, every villager in our 'so-called global village' ought to put it out or else yours too will go up in flames before long.
    To illustrate their claim, they reason that there wouldn't be no flood of immigrant refugees into the northern hemisphere if peace, work and justice prevailed throughout the southern hemisphere.
    May I therefore humbly propose that you also debate and denounce all the sleeping partners behind these barbarous and atrocious proxy wars around the globe. @ngand'osambalundula

  4. Russians made a huge show out of some of the weapons they got in Luhansk. And it was like a huge outdoor military museum, yet only showing one piece of each different arms/vehicules/tank/…etc.

  5. US used corrupt politicians and Nazi to take over Ukraine so this corruption is no surprised. These guys racking billions and sending poor Ukrainians to the the front. Such great democracy!

  6. Air Travel in Europe/Middle East/Asia is going to be super sketchy for the next few years with all of the MANPADS (Stingers, Mistel, Piorun) missiles that have been pumped into Ukraine, its gonna be raining Commercial Jets when some of the"""'Moderate Rebel""" groups get there hands on them off the Blackmarket, best start thinking about Train Journeys for a while folks.

  7. I saw a report from the region of severodonestk and one of the LPR representant said that when Ukrainian left the city in panic, they left behind around 700 armor vehicules. It is to be verified but i wouldnt be suprise if it is true

  8. What happened to all the weapons Judas joe left in Afghanistan they are in the same place as the weapons going to Ukraine is the west arming terrorist groups around the world to destabilise governments they would like to exploit their track record in this area is not good

  9. It's deliberate.
    The military industrial (Congressional) complex know that the destabilization of Europe due to terror groups shooting down airliners and political convoys is good for business.

  10. That's why they like the damned wars because they all get rich/richer at the expense of the taxpayers and God only knows how many dead peopl who went straight to hell. How much do you think Biden pocketed out of all this? The reason we got Biden, the corona virus and all the rest of the crap we have and are having to deal with is because Trump and Biden both refused to surrender this nation to me, the same thing I commanded Trump and Biden is also on all the States and cities and those that run them not just the federal. I will take everything those bastards have away from them and they will spend the rest of their lives in the penitentiary or forever in hell,if they don't get themselves here and surrender everything to me I will pray them to death and they are all already headed to hell no matter how much they play church, give the church or whatever, they don't have any favor with god and can't buy any either.

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