NATO Armored Strike Force in Disguise?

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AMX-10, Marder, M2 Bradley, and now even some Leopard 2 donated to Ukraine and will soon reach the frontline. The UK is considering sending some Challenger 2. Can we expect a Ukrainian offensive for Spring 2023?

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  1. Once again excellent reporting and spot on, Let the pungent Rules based “do it my way, as I say … by the point of a gun diplomacy experts”.. order take the rising “plenty for all, you’re all entitled to live in peace and harmony, we can all thrive and prosper together, there’s more than enough to go round for every nation, every nation must be free to choose its own destiny” … Multi Polar Order on, they’ll get slaughtered, they know it and are fair crapping themselves.
    Russia is not the typical rules based order’s weak, Khaftan, Turbin wearing, hi lux driving unarmed, RPG & IED’s equipped and used as main offensive weapons, badly militarily trained nation, they are ruthless, brutal, efficient and adept at changing battlefield tactics as needed, equally Russia’s Spetnaz, Commandoes, Marines, Paratroopers and huge mercenary army corps are definitely the equal, if not the better than they’re much vaunted Hollywood Western counterparts.
    No cries by Russian forces of medic, medic, medic mid battle or indeed any Med evacs during firefights, you fall, your on your own, if you can still fire your weapon you better if you want your mates to later risk they’re asses saving you…. Period! A different more ruthless and brutal mindset, a winning mindset.
    I’m tired of the western propaganda espousing weakness with the true victors on this battlefield, it’s not only tiring but getting well past it’s used by date…. Take note, the Worlds woken up including task us to the actuality of the circumstances leading up to and that precipitated this conflict… clue, it’s definitely not Russia’s liability.

  2. every 100 years (or so), the West always ends up on the borders of Russia to "invade" it? Don't believe what you're seeing Russia, you guys are just paranoid! So, you are now incompetent, dumb, paranoid, aggressive, drones … not like the light happy people of middle garden of Europe …just give up Russia, its not fair that 1 country has all those resources (Madeline Albright)

  3. Ukraine will run them into the ground and then abandon them. These vehicles need maintenance and Ukraine does not have the skills nor equipment to do that. Does Ukraine have a recovery vehicle that can recover a broken down challenger? The challenger is about 70 tons, the T90 about 44 tons. The great western strategy – fight a prolonged war with handouts of different systems and era's that will be nothing short of a logistical nightmare to maintain. Ukraine is losing this war.

  4. Tanks are obsolete in this war. They provide good fire support for infantry but that is it. Drones and computer targeted artillery will be its most dangerous opponents. Oh and the ukrainian mud.

  5. I don't understand why NATO is not providing special vehicles that can put mines all around in small amount of time! This will allow better defense because Russian tactics have changed more small teams with troops no heavy vehicles ! If you have any information about these special vehicles please answer me! Thank you i believe you make maybe the best analysis for the war in Ukraine keep going!

  6. The Bradleys and M109's in US service are depolyed with adequare maintenence resources close at hand. The US has entire maintenance batallions that are deployed with these vehicles wherever they go (set up in rear areas of course). These vehicles require mechanics trained to repair not just the vehicle chassis and drivetrain, but the turret and weapons system as well. They also require proprietary batteries for the night vision systems and they drink diesel fuel like you wouldn't believe. If the Ukranians ignore maintence on these complex vehicles like thy did on the M777 howitzers, they won't even last a month with the Russians shooting at them.

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