NATO escalates and edges toward world war

The Grayzone interviews Michael Tracey live from Madrid, where NATO meets to plan a major escalation in the Ukraine proxy war and admitting Sweden and Finland as members.

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. Even as tired as you three journalists are, putting up with the hot or cold weather and lack of sleep, you’re holding strong speaking truth to these lowlife elite/politicians. You are our eyes, ears and voices. Thank you Warrior Journalists.

  2. WW2 has officially ended but WAR as an industry thirsty for reasons to multiply deadlier weapons to be hidden underground. The ultimate blackmail to be able to quickly poison all of earth with nuclear bombs makes the concept of world war a continuous modern era state of mind. After Hiroshima we've all been at war against extinction.

  3. *elinski getting a sinecure is not a sure thing. he is being kept alive by:
    russia, so he can surrender
    nato so he can ask for arms
    biden so he can get money for hunter
    azov so he can get them money

  4. NATO is a sick idealogical organisation that needs to recognise its total failure to give anybody the security promised. The poison pill created in Ukraine has failed, suck it up @ disband yrself as an irrelevant organisation that has had it's day before you kill us all.

  5. The Great Unmasking is happening. I hope and pray that more Americans can finally see the the US Empire is built on wars for profit and maintaining its dictatorial relationship with its so-called allies and dominance over the world.Thank you Max, Aaron and Michael for true journalism. The world needs more like you !

  6. Another chronic issue w Tracy is mistaking (Biden's) convenient "convictions" and "personality" of a political operative for the very practical reasons for why they were installed in the first place. That is a very MSM trait.

  7. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation quipped in response to Britain's PM Boris Johnson (at the last G7 leaders meeting) wanting to take off their clothes to immulate him:
    "I dont know how they wanted to undress, waist-high or not, but I think it would be a disgusting sight either way. Everything should be harmoniously developed in a person, both the body and the soul. However, in order for everything to be harmonious, one has to abandon excessive drinking and break other bad habits, start exercising, take up a sport."

  8. I don't know about this pod cast, sounds like three guys in a non-alcoholic bar. Blah Blah Blah, do 10-15 minutes of news. These mid-life crisis circle jerks are a waste of time. Michael says "in my old age, around 1:40. The KID was born is 88'! Thirty something.
    and Max 77', the age of my son. These guys need to do more investigating and less bullshitting.

  9. I would put all three of you in a handsome uniform and ask you to sit up straight and enunciate in a proud fashion. I feel that would be much more threatening to your enemies. Sometimes a cockiness as seen from Alex in a Clockwork Orange goes a long way. Smart people know how to milk the media message, yet they don't sit up smartly. Wield the enemy's weapons against the enemy better than them. Show me.

  10. As a Belgian I would like to apologise for my puppet government to Michael.
    I've been trying to open people's eyes for years and although it feels like an uphill battle I will never stop doing it.

  11. I am flat out Alt Right. I feel so vindicated in that I am completely in accord with you Lefty hell raisers. Together we can put things back together. I am 65. As a youngster I was heavily influenced by WWI veterans who were heavily anti establishment. The thought they were Communists but that was because it was the only way available to them to stick it to the bosses and war mongers. Lest We Forget. We forgot years ago. I didn't and nor have you guys. Keep up the good fight.

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