NATO Goes On ‘Combat Stance’ With Expansion, Troop Deployments | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar break down the NATO expansion and troop deployments announced by President Biden and allies at the NATO summit in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

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Madison Hilly:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. Read your comments a*******. You're on the wrong side of history of this one and you keep digging the whole deeper.

    I mean you're really just Tucker Carlson's B teamSo we shouldn't be surprised

  2. as usual the West abandoned the Kurds when it was profitable. Now we can get into our next world war with a will. Did the US just invade Europe? Sagger, stop acting like America is saving Europe. You sucked them dry with Lend/Lease before and have virtually invaded them again. Russia would not have attacked but for America's control of NATO

  3. For the first two years of WW2, the USA stood back, provided armaments through Lend Lease, and let others do the fighting. But in the end, Hitler had to be stopped, and the USA sent troops.

    You have a situation now where the UN has ceased to have any relevance. The country which chairs the Security Council is following Hitler's playbook. Do you want to live in a world where an aggressive dictator with nuclear arms can do whatever he likes? Putin will use the threat of nuclear arms as long as it works to prevent NATO's direct involvement, but even he knows that using them would be suicide.

  4. Like you guys but disappointed on this, sounds very "not my problem" type of thinking, seem to not understand what an alliance is. Even Trump said America First, but not America Alone

  5. I’m all for international solidarity amongst secular, liberal democracies. I hope NATO expands into Asia, Oceania, and Latin America as well.

    The West has declined into oligarchy and has plenty of negative features. But it still has the means to reform itself. Autocracies that do not value the freedom of speech, assembly, press, and religion have no means of reform except for coups and civil war.

    I do not applaud or respect isolationist ideologies that can see the suffering and dangers faced by people world wide and respond with apathy or inaction.

    If you don’t protect like-minded societies from antagonistic, expansionistic imperial powers, one day you may be the one in danger and no one’s left to save you.

  6. Krystal and B.P. Viewers who believe the U.S. propaganda that NATO is a “defensive” organization , should educate themselves and check out the TrueAnon podcast series about NATO. The truth is that it has always been an offensive military organization, and that NATO has a long and well documented history of coups, political murders, and physical and economic terror across Europe against anyone and any government that even moderately stands up to its U.S. military industrial complex driven imperialist agenda.
    During operation Gladio, NATO teamed up with most of the most violent, corrupt, fascist, neo nazi forces it could find to commit atrocities all across Europe in the name of fighting communism. It pretty much is still following that playbook in Ukraine.

  7. Again, you have no clue about what you are talking about. In 48h from now you'll be saying "NATO cannot maintain 300 000 men on high-alert so they' re going to take turns". NATO= gesticulations.

  8. I'm more curious about what Erdogan has been promised in return and if that is EU membership Russia will be the least of Europe's worries but the way things are going if there is an all-out conflict with Russia in the years to come that will push Russia to use nukes

  9. I don't think we should have ANY forces in Europe. Let them be the tip of the spear and if they are attacked, we can deploy to help. The USA is running a tremendous budget deficit and tremendous trade deficit. We CANNOT continue to spend money like we have been. Many of the NATO countries are not running the deficits we are.

  10. How are you gonna pay for it? How many of Joe's campaign promises could have been funded if they didn't waste our tax dollars on the Bi-Partisan Party's dirty wars. Congress always has money to fund the production and distribution of guns and ammunition when foreign countries/groups ask for them. Congress condones mass shootings in foreign lands that are not under our protection. We need to vote out every one of these hypocrites.

  11. With the European economy going into recession, 2% of GDP could be reached by the economy going down hill so just keeping military spending the same may end up being 2 % of their much lower GDP.

  12. Time for us to mind our own business. Let the people in these other countries live the way they chose to live. Let them have the freedom of choice. Once we start to bomb and occupy their land, we become their enemy. War never solves problems. When was the last time you hear anybody from an Indigenous/First Nations community thank us for stealing their land? Never. We as a country need to change.

  13. Allowing Russia to rebuild the Soviet Union is my idea of a "bad outcome". Russia can reduce rising hostilities immediately. They created the danger and they can withdraw the danger.

  14. Wait till Russia shuts off all LNG & oil to Europe. Lets see how these war hawks in NATO react when millions of citizens are cold ,jobless & angry. Ill assume that they wont be chanting NATO. They will be ripping the 1% out of their homes! Like in sri Lanka right now!

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