NATO Members GREENLIGHT Ukraine To Join; PROVOKING Russia Into WWIII?! Lt Col Daniel Davis Analyzes

Military expert at Defense Strategies Lt. Col. Daniel Davis weighs in on NATO’s decision to eventually allow Ukraine to join. #Zelensky #Russia

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  1. Primitive man also learned to tame and then domesticate animals. Over time, animal training appeared. Someone came up with the idea to train subordinates. Relia appeared. Ideology. Liberalism gave freedom, but only to the rich, and communism gave freedom to the poor and education to the rich. This is the dictatorship of the proletariat.

  2. The unnecessary escalation happened when Russia invaded. Now every Russian that dies in Ukraine is a de-escalation. When the last one dies or leaves, the war will be over… de-escalation complete.

  3. USA has spent over 110 billion USD and West- NATO collectively have given in cash and weapons over 65 billion Euro,s to Ukraine in the first 10 months.
    USA-NATO-EU aim was to quickly bring Russian economy and Military on the battle filed to their knees. Well That is shocker – Neither goals have been achieved, Instead we are engulfed in Energy gas and oil , Food crises and inflation nightmare.

    US Biden admin and Neocons have zero plan to end this proxy WAR – What's next WW3 ?

  4. Russia and China are winning the economic advantage over the dollar. 💵 The western powers will not give up Economic superiority over to any other currency or trading block. They are losing at their own capital elitist game. And in order to keep that from happening they would rather create a global conflict out of a proxy war involving Ukraine. Get ready good people.. the end of this Eurocentric and dollar driven world is near.

  5. Bring the world wr quickly please..use all nclear weapon right now..i dont want to live please,US or russia please start the world beggin,i dont have much time left..

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