NATO Never Wanted Peace In Ukraine Says Fmr. German PM Angela Merkel

From the “Saying the quite part out loud” file we have the recent remarks from former German Prime Minister Angela Merkel who told a reporter that the NATO countries signing on to the 2014 Minsk accords stipulating a ceasefire in the Donbas region of Ukraine never had any intention of following through and compelling Ukrainian forces to lay down their weapons. The goal was merely to buy time, Merkel said, for Ukraine to develop its military capabilities for the inevitable conflict with Russia.

Jimmy and Kurt wonder why, if what Merkel says is true, Russia should ever believe a word Western powers say in future negotiations.

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  1. But overall, the disaster in Ukraine shows what an utterly stupid idea, both the US Democratic Party and United Russia Party has in one party rule and calling it democracy or multi-polar. Taking away the freedoms and rights of your own people and opposition for a consistent and universal foreign policy and relations that doesn't work worth a sh*t. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and many other US allies relied on conservatives being in power sometimes and Russia has alienated and at odds with uber woke liberal Europe. Why the Democrats and United Russia are such enemies when they are so much alike is a wonder.

  2. The Eu has lost all its sovereignty – how can you still follow the US after all the facts points that the US is an evil empire. How much are these IDIOTS at the top being paid in the EU to go along with the US.

  3. Thank You Jimmy Dore & your team for posting this on the internet, because, and I need to say this, the leadership of Russia will not be messed with, if this "war" continues & Russia is threatened in any way….then nukes will be used, people should check out the clips of the 1983 movie "The Day After" posted on the internet and YouTube, Especially the clips when the nukes hit the USA….THAT is going to come to the USA unless saner heads prevail….Thank You again Jimmy Dore for your excellent channel.

  4. I don't know if she started feeling a bit guilty after seeing mountains of corpses that she caused and decided to reveal this. Truth is finding it's way, but too slow. I'm sure most Germans won't know about her revelation anyway. They supress everything inconvenient from their people.

  5. The way Merkel says that though, stalling to 'allow' the 'west' to bolster Ukraine. Whose playing who here? Everyone knows its US money behind Nato. So no matter what happens they can always implicate the US. Specifically, who has the intent and set up the play?

  6. NATO needs to be abolished it's corrupt to the core they want endless wars so they can launder money from drugs human trafficking and arms endless wars for endless laundering. For endless profits these people are so f**** wicked

  7. Russia won’t believe anything the U.S. says, period. Whether it’s promising Gaddafi the U.S. keep our hands of Libya in exchange for his shutting down a nukes program, to attacking Iraq for WMDs, to arming ISIS in Syria, the U.S. is outta control. These Neo Con/Libs are horrible news.

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