NATO sabotages Ukraine-Russia talks as Europe suffers

Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector and ex-Marines intelligence officer, addresses reports that now-former UK PM Boris Johnson pushed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to reject peace talks with Russia this April, and explains how the war will devastate European economies as it drags on.

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  1. Russia has all the advantages in a deal.. 1) Russia produces 1/3 of the earths grains every year, 2) they produce a majority of Oil, and natural gas in that part of the world) 3) Russia produces the majority of fertilizer for the world.
    If Russia was as evil as they claim, they would simply cut off Europe from all Grains, Fertilizer (needed to grow food) and all fuel/energy..(without fuel, they cannot transport any goods/food through Europe)… if Russia wanted to take over the whole of Europe, they would simply shut them down.. During the winter most would freeze to death, and after their food runs out many would die from starvation. Europe would be so weakened that they would beg for Russia to have mercy. At that point Russia could invade the whole of Europe and take over making a huge RUSSIA.. the rest of the old countries would die off.. All Russia has to do is nothing after cutting off their supplies and wait..

  2. Appreciate Scott’s perspective. Disagree with him over sanctions against Russia. They hurt the Bear. The oil sector his heavily dependent on foreign investment and tech. On paper, the Russian military has a lot, but, in practice, it is struggling. Why else would it be purchasing arms from Iran and North Korea. A partial mobilization will not suffice. A full mobilization would lead to massive discontent. Let’s see what winter adds to the mix.

  3. It would appear that we are experiencing an Unlimited War scenario playing out against humanity right now.  Psychological wars, Biological wars, Lawfare, Economic wars, Agricultural wars, Supply Chain wars,  Culture wars, Information wars, Kinetic wars, Education wars,  Energy wars, Electromagnetic wars, Total war.

  4. The world will not be at peace and tranquility as long as the diabolic Zionist/fascist deep state is doing its machinations with impunity. Considering the immense power it has, it's not likely things will change soon, unfortunately.

  5. There's something deeply unsettling about hearing Von der Leyen humming Ode to Joy, I think because there's absolutely nothing joyous about her. If anything it's reminiscent of Peter Lorre's rendition of Hall of the Mountain King in M.

  6. When hounds start to bark, I leave. I consider that a gross discourtesy to viewers, many of whom are wearing headphones. Even listening to speakers, the sound of dogs barking on top of speech or in the background is totally unacceptable. The bark of a dog alerts us to danger. It is unpleasant and designed to be unpleasant by nature. Goodbye!

  7. Gray zone rocks. Thank you men. I can report there has been a break between our body politic and those choosing to be our opponents. No more Ashkenazi Poles bombing the Ukraine power plant. How about that.Thank you.

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