NATO Sanctions Destroying the Dollar

Despite NATO sanctions on Russia over the invasion of Ukraine, during March, the Russian Ruble was the top-performing currency globally. This comes as Europe braces for possible gas rationing and Americans continue dealing with high gasoline and food prices.


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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. Primo is late to the party and acts like he is on the beat. So sick of these fake leftists acting like they know anything. Promoting people like Jackson Hinkle shows that primo is a joke and doesn't know anything about the world

  2. The collective West only ended up exposing themselves in this conflict. No nation will be able to trust them and their so called liberal policies anymore. Best if the dollar and their international payment method collapse. The world needs better and safe alternatives to these. Sorry nobody's gonna trust the West anymore, even if they come running begging on their knees.

  3. Latin America never agreed to any Monroe doctrine, the former Soviet States did agree to follow the negotiations between Russia and NATO for their independence.

  4. Russia pulling a genius level move making Europe pay for gas in rubles instead of USD or Euros. fucking brilliant! stuck it right up the US & EU asses.

  5. not only that putin is said he authorized a special operation to secure the russian speaking donbass region that was about to be attacked and invaded by the nazis that the United States has been arming

  6. Today's Blinken statements indicate that the West is seeing its strategy of sanctions and Russian retaliation is not bringing the desired results. Instead it is affecting the economies of both US and EU. He has hinted that if an agreement is reached between Russia and Ukraine, the sanctions will be rolled back.

  7. Thanks for a real analysis without the emotional claptrap we are inundated daily by the "hite house" UK pantomime with Boris. It was a revelation about Joe Biden's statements in 1997 about NATO expansion! I was unaware of that! Someone said one sign of insanity is doing the same thing twice but expecting different outcomes….Who is insane Joe Biden or President Putin?

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