NATO, Serbia, Russia; Second front and conflict in the Balkans

NATO, Serbia, Russia; Second front and conflict in the Balkans
The Duran: Episode 1458



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Written by The Duran


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  1. Romania does not want a breakaway Transylvania, Spain does not want a breakaway Catalonia the Greeks do not like that Macedonia is not a part of Greece … and every other country on that list has a reason why they do not want a precedent of changing borders in Europe. However they are all in NATO and EU so pressuring them might be easy.

  2. I cannot see how Spain for instance would support Kosovo as a UE membership. It would give the Catalan and Basques regions to finally separate from Spain. This could promote a second civil war in Spain. The vast majority of Spaniards are posed to destroying their country,

  3. I am from the time that the schooling system in the Netherlands was considered to be among the best in the world (not my words).
    However, history lessons during that time were already very west-oriented and not truth-oriented so people in the west in general cannot know the real history unless they educate themselves. but what if the sources are one side oriented as well?
    What EU is doing is completely illegal. They should bring this to the UN.
    There they might / will get the support of their friends and other countries who are well aware of the dirty games EU is playing.
    But who am I to say. I am sure that Serbia knows very well what is the best to do.

  4. It doesn't matter if America or NATO sign any legal documents, They won't respect that agreement unless Serbia has a powerful backer to enforce that agreement. That is the main reason why Serbia can't get any compromise from America. The other way is to use the military option to settle Kosovo. But Serbia has to win.

  5. The media doesn't talk about Serbia as long as Serbia doesn't react to the provocations. But as soon as Serbia starts defending its people, they'll scream from the rooftops about 'Serbian agression', 'unprovoked attack by Serbia' etc.

  6. If I recall correctly Serbian government has meetings with Russian military personnel over security threats for Serbia and how it should respond so what Alex said about Kremlin being aware of the situation 100% makes sense.

  7. Yal really need to look at the history that is not Serbian land never was never will be the Albanians been there since bc ancient illyrains indo Europeans Serbs are Slavic decent that showed up around 10tb century ad Serbia was bombed by nato for not pulling out of kosove they genoiced the albanian I know people that died there this is not a ukrain situation but definitely USA is tryna start shit as usual and kosove can't say no to USA lol

  8. If the European want to watch US destroy their life and economy, no one will protest, many hate the European colonialists, maybe the Americans hate too, but now they want to finish them.

  9. There is no point in taking sides or even thinking about them. The only thing one must realize is that this conflict is lining the pockets of someone with your tax dollars and that someone is not you! All other aspects including who’s right and who’s wrong are meaningless! Get it?

  10. History repeating like during WW2 and WW1/Spanish plague. Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler exterminated 12000000 under the guise of a typhus epidemic, and now under WW3 and a corona virus pandemic. Hitler used Zyklon B rodent extermination gas with the fumant removed. It causes symptoms like corona virus. Look up in the sky you will see planes spraying your cities! Hitler attacked Russia, just like what is happening now. The British Empire had no legal male Heir so they imported a fake one from Germany. The British Queen's husband "Prince Philip" renounced his German citizenship, became a Greek citizen and as a Greek citizen moved to Britain gaining citizenship there. After appointed a Duke, out of thin air and then as a Prince and married Queen Elizabeth. "Prince Philip" took the name of the Queen, not the other way, as it usually is done, where a wife takes the husband's name. The British Empire has run out of male Heirs at least twice, and they kill to suppress it. WW2 was a way of hiding this fraud, and now WW3 is a way of hiding that illegal combines Heir. The Bible says that a male would not fail to sit on the throne. A family name continues through the males, not the females, and Philip was a fraud. He had become a Greek citizen to make it appear that he was a Royal from the earlier Greek dynasty. Total theater. The Catholic Empires of the Roman Empire form one leg and the UK(British controlled) Empire forms the other leg of the Roman Empire, with the King Pope Francis as the ruler of the whole system, which declared WW3, where Orthodox Church banned in Ukraine. He has a triple teired crown with 666 on it in Latin(vicarivs filii dei). He is a King of the city state of the Vatican(the Vatican is the smallest Country in the world), Rome Italy, and is mentioned in Revelation, Apocalypse, 17,18 of the Bible. It mentions that this Empire is responsible for all those slaughtered on earth. It mention what the leaders wear, which is scarlet(Cardinals), and Purple(Bishops). The UK leg Royals also wear those colors, a long with Judges and Magistrates of the Crown. They refer to this entity as the Crown. When some one goes to court in one of the British subservient Nations, it is said that the Crown has a case against the person. Canada, Australia and others are not sovereign or free(whose image on money?). please read Revelation Apocalypse 17,18, and study it closely. 1Timothy3:1-16 mentions that the one looking after a group(Church) should be a husband of one wife with obedient children. The Pope and the Priests of the Catholic Church are forbidden to marry, and so don't even qualify, according to the very book and God they say they claim to represent. The Bible's Peter's mother in-law was cured by Jesus(Yeshua). So if Peter had a mother in law, then he had a wife as there is no other way. 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Would Russia bomb their own 5+ Billion pipeline, their own bridge and powerplants? NATO said that they would attack the Solomon Islands if they militarize their island, because Australia would feel threatened, but NATO was militarizing Ukraine, where they had bunkers full of weapons. Defensive? If an Island is not recognized as sovereign, then none are. Yet Australia is militarizing. NATO's puppet regime in Ukraine was banning the Russian language and culture even though that was many people's only language. The Ukrainian Capital is a Russian word until Western media changed it to hide the Russian history, as Ukraine was part of the Russian Federation until a recent NATO coup, which the US planned, as they told their dignitaries not to attend the Russian Olympics at that time. You can go to prison for teaching the Russian language. All opposition parties in Ukraine (banned). Those with out blue arm bands(now yellow?) being put to death. 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NATO is an alliance of Nations on both sides of WW2, which is weird until you realize it was fake. Operation paperclip where German Nazis were smuggled through the Vatican to America to avoid Russian prosecution, makes a lot more sense when you realize they were all together against Communism(Acts2:44, 45 Russia). NATO needs to be disarmed. NATO has the M.O.B on their flag. Think! Germany says they are out of weapons and need 20 billion to resupply. Germany who started WW1+2 out of weapons? How? Ukraine. "Operation Barbarossa" ² Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that the Minsk agreement was just a lie to enable future war on Russia and Ukraine. Corona/covid is information and the vaccine is antivirus definitions to delete the information. NATO equipment all new, but Russia's old, think! Those who Hitler rounded up, were on average disarmed and dead with in 70 days. German Police raiding homes now. 7/12/22. Italy and the US Catholics were on the Ukraine/Polish border and started the war pretending to be both Russia and Ukraine? A French General, formerly of the NATO Command of Europe calls on Ukraine to do a mass bombing of a Russian parade honoring Russia's victory over the Nazis of WW2. ;(!!(

  11. Serbs lost Kosovo with demography. Nobody is having kids there. The south of Serbia (Sandžak) is also depopulating fast. Who will fight? There are too few Serbs under the age of 40 there. I do not see young people from Belgrade fighting there. They are the Tik Tok generation, unwilling to die there. Only one with some kind of diplomatic solution in Serbia is Milan St. Protić. In short: the EU would hastily take Serbia as a member. Serbs who live in Kosovo would have an option of paid relocation inside Serbia mainland. The EU would finance that. The UN, under the Council of Security supervision, would safeguard monasteries inside Kosovo. Serbs who stay would have their rights protected (like they are now in Croatia) but they would be Kosovo citizens. There is no other option I can see. Milošević overplayed his hand during 1999/2000 and there is a price to pay. NATO responded then and they will do it again. Serbs can't win militarily in any scenario…

  12. I share the Duran duo's grave concern about the Neocons (whether officially the US Empire, "NAFO" or whatever guise being used) starting a 2nd front war in the Balkans while UKraine falls apart . . . There will be terrible suffering in the area in the short-term and chaos for decades, but the 2 Alexes are correct– it will be an utter disaster for everyone, including eventually the monsters who are pouring out gasoline and then throwing matches onto the situation.

  13. All the wars and bombings committed by NATO and collective west against Serbia and they have not learned one most important thing about Serbs…….and that is they DO NOT TAKE ultimatums, I remember in 1999 when they were bombing bridges in Belgrade and Novi Sad the Serbs defended the bridges with their bodies and newly composed prayer songs calling them evil, satanic and many other names. Pointing out that they did not even know the history or the people of the region. So I do not think they will impose sanction against the country that never bombed or were ever enemy.

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