NATO To Considerably Increase Troop Presence in Iraq, Beijing Biden Considers Joining In

From 500 to 4,000 sounds like escalation:


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  1. I had an opportunity to attach to a regular army unit for desert storm. The whole reserve unit was innoculated to go. They asked "who wants to be attached to a regular army unit". Sadam was a puppet gone rouge.

  2. I used to oppose war. Not anymore, I accept that people should have liberty or death. The world would be better if the larger half of humankind were dead and gone.

  3. If you join the Army or Marines in this current political climate, you are an idiot and college was not going to help. If you get blown up or shot, I am going to laugh my ass off at you. This is not the 90s or the ought years (2000 to 2009).

    If anyone wants money for college, cut through an ATM with a very strong saw or blowtorch.

  4. ?The Military Industrial Complex was having trouble
    What a sad, sad story
    Needed a new leader
    To restore its former glory
    Where, oh where was he?
    Where could that man be?
    We looked around
    And then we found
    The man for you and me
    And now it's

    Springtime for Biden and the Military Industrial Complex?

  5. Great video, Styx. Always manage to make me laugh over a very grim situation. Not sure what else we can do. ?Love ya.❤️❤️

  6. We are NATO. We actually meet the 2% GDP requirement (one of the few countries that does) that comes out to about $700 Billion, the next biggest contributor is France at about $70 Billion. For all you lefties, imagine how far that money could go towards the national healthcare you want. It wouldn't cover it, but if there was also some regulation on heathcare providers and pharmaceuticals price gouging it would enter the realm of reality. edit: those number may be a bit dated, I'm figure they are even higher now.

  7. Just as I predicted. They are so predictable you only need a quarter of your brain to recognize it. Ik partial self own but seriously if you don’t see what’s happening you’re blind, spiritually and mentally.

  8. Look who control the world.the armies, at any time the pentagon can send 200k soldier to take the capitol the fence democrats trying to stop an the USA army from entering into the capital.three branches of governments ,yeah right. There is only one the army. Man y preparing the capitol army to fight the pentagon's army.