Natural Immunity To COVID Works! Washington Post Admits

Writing in the Washington Post, three highly credentialed experts expressed the belief that individuals who had experienced COVID infections should not be required to take booster shots. This high-profile challenge to the official narrative on boosters provides support to those who have been arguing in favor of the value of natural immunity and calling for the relaxation of vaccination mandates for those who had overcome COVID infection.

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss all the ways what was previously “misinformation” that could get someone banned from social media is becoming accepted science.

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  1. Confession time for me. Last year or so I first came across Jimmy Dore and made some dismissive comments about why waste time viewing news/political commentary from a comedian. I was was very harsh, and I put him in the same category as Colbert and Noah on Comedy Central. But since that time I’ve come to understand better the dumpster fire that is mainstream media to the point that I’ve lost all faith in it. Seeing people like Krystal and Saager and Greenwald comment on Dore I’ve watched more and more. I stand corrected and retract everything I said previously. It has nothing to do with his actual beliefs, but rather everything to do with people of all backgrounds calling out the BS and shooting straight across their influence. I’m a fan.

  2. Six months ago Wapo would have been purged from the internet for this information terrorism. Funny how they just demonize whatever they want with no consistency to shape the narrative.

  3. Why do we suddenly trust the Washington Post for some reason? They're as corporate news as it gets, they just want people to throw themselves back into the gears and keep the economy going for the masters

  4. What about people who have good immune systems?? Why do we have to get sick to have immunity? I rarely have colds or flu in the last 4 decades!! But somehow my healthy condition is NOT counted…

  5. its a fair point you're making but you lost me at the end. A lot of those problems you are saying are self inflicted are a result of a national mental health crises that is getting worse every single day. I dont think it will be solved without universal health care including dental and mental. Is there no way to tax people to afford this system? can we allow people who opt out to get screwed by the medical insurance industry instead of the government if they choose it?

  6. I’d like to hear what independent peer reviewed studies say on the subject. A guy who had an article published in the Washington Post is not going to sway my opinion one way or another. Watching Jimmy Dore does not qualify as doing your own research. There are doctors who still claim that Ivermectin can help cure COVID even though a recent large scale study shows that it’s worthless.

  7. Anyone could watch the 8 Hour Testimony the FDA has up on their youtube channel. At hour 6, the 18 FDA officials vote, 16 No on Booster, 2 Yes. Rochelle Walensky overruled the decision.

  8. Remember the Sovietologists and Sovietology? Before 1989 there were those experts in the West who read "Pravda" and "Izvestia". Not for the actual content, obviously, but for things like: who said what and when, or what has not been said and when, or who is not and who is on a particular photograph, or mentioned in a headline, etc. etc. This is how we now read "newspapers" like The Washington Post: it's MUCH more interesting that the news of covid-induced immunity is now allowed to be printed in that "paper". The covid-induced immunity itself is not news: it was known to be about two orders of magnitude more effective than vaccines alone for a very long time now, more than a year. But it couldn't be printed by WP until now.

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