‘Nature’ news article is scientific malpractice (from Livestream #82)

‘Nature’ science journal confused over lab leak.
Clip with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying.


Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #82 (originally streamed live on May 29, 2021):


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  1. Malpractice… it's a way to put it. "All scientific authorities on this planet are Ideologically driven with a new civilization plan in which we have no place" will be a better title.

  2. We should be careful about creating an impression that a lab-leak hypothesis is now the only possibility. A few weeks ago Italian researchers published suprising results that from the 981 blood samples of cancer patients taken on september 3rd of 2019
    covid19 was already present in ALL of italian provinces. So it took 5 months before it exploded into population,and probably even longer to reach 3rd of september levels of infection spread. This virus goes back way earlier than we thought and maybe theoreticaly had enough time to mutate naturaly. We still have a lot to learn about it,and the chinese aren't helping.
    P.S. I don't know if they(italians) did a genetic analysys of the sept. 3rd virus to see where it fits into the genealogy of the virus.

  3. I have personally spoke with a few new virologists (two just out of university) and a few of the people I knew from college and high school back home whom are now “scientists.” What I can tell you, regarding the total lack of scientifically sound thinking in regards to the lab-leak hypothesis, is that it is not limited to the scientists who would like to save their asses. They all have been indoctrinated to believe, and truly believe the same exact things. In fact, one of them even lectured me on why it was such a waste of time and disrespectful to those who’ve died etc.
    Its quite unbelievable and I don’t know what the hell we’re gonna do from here – the level of incompetence in academia and the scientific world is almost beyond repair (and will only continue to get worse if Academia continues to value the politicization of all subjects).

  4. Nature and Lancet are both Politcally comprised and serve to the propaganda machine along with MSM.. I always check out "genomeweb" for details on studies, trials results past, present and future..they are corporate orientated but not comprised, they do have all studies and but notations when a study is in contrast to another which is good.. have to join but it's worth it..

  5. Too much reliance on a status quo breeds a corruption, a need to control the narrative and preserve interests. The problem is we selected for people who are incentivized by material gains and not by immaterial values like the pursuit of true knowledge. Such that now the dishonest attack the honest-but-inconvenient. So much for praising inconvenient truths!

  6. 8:45 – and one of those steps is to not be a self-fulfilling prophecy in creating the next pandemic. So to the extent that labs are playing with these things, a crucial part of that is to understand HOW it got out, what protocols failed, so as to NOT REPEAT that and just create the next pandemic because we didn't learn from this one what should have been done or should not have been done. SO it is reprehensibly irresponsible to say we can't figure out what that was because it would be "racially" offensive or some nonsense to do so.

  7. While science is a method of discovery, let’s not forget that philosophically science operates within a paradigm. Partly that paradigm is chosen by the field within science based on a current science knowledge of the world but also that paradigm is also political. I know in my field when Nazi Germany was researching then the research found certain conclusions based on the research and paradigm they were operating under at the time. So it should be not of surprise that under this newfound American political paradigm science is finding weird conclusions. By the way, my understanding is that China considers it’s cooperation sufficient and I wouldn’t be holding my breath that it is looking to go up and beyond the current standards. Plus hasn’t Biden canceled all investigations? I think it’s over.

  8. yes we were trying to create an airborne virus that targeted older people … the bad news is it rolled off the table … the good news is look how well it worked. No no there was no requirement that we create a cure at the same time we create the virus .. why would we do that … you're asking us to take the mad out of mad scientist

  9. I was on this over a year ago from watching Laowhy86 and Peak Prosperity, which came to this conclusion through two unrelated methods. It is quite shocking that it has taken the world this long to even consider starting to think about where this virus may actually come from and also what we can do to prevent a similar pandemic from happening again in the future

  10. When the Virus was detected in Wuhan , China warned the world ! 5 months earlier in Deaths in Wisconsin/Illinois , Americans were dying of lung cytokine storm , kept secret from the world , later called Vaping Lung Disease ..aka….Detrick Disease

  11. There are rumours that covid has HIV and malaria included in this virus to attack weak victims and attacks the lungs. Is this possible? Could it be man made with extra ingredients?

  12. this is the next stop: "it's not science, it's diplomacy" and that's the standard applied to relativism both moral and factual

  13. This article sounds like typical Chinese interference propaganda. Whoever wrote it probably got their script directly from the CCP.

  14. When I took biotechnology in 2010 The WHO and the CDC we're golden and nature magazine and Lancet even more so
    …. now I know what it's like to get a pie in the face

  15. The USSR broke apart over chernobyl and covid is arguably an even worse disaster, so if this was really do to the CCPs incompetence shouldn't we expect/demand a similar breakdown?

  16. These few researchers fear losing funding for Gain of Function research. Identify these "scientists" and how they make their money. This is a Chinese virus not an Asian virus. No racism there. It's an accusation against the CCP.

  17. the racist thing is a red herring. what they're trying to hide are the crimes of the people at the top…like Fauci, Gates, Daszak, Collins, and some of the Davos crowd. the basic construction of the engineered virus began in a lab in the states.
    the completion of the virus took place in China… all labs leak. must stop all gain of function. China was basically just following orders and money.

  18. It’s about security measures of these labs to prevent a lab leak. Are the measures universal for all labs. Could you imagine inadequate measures for a nuclear energy plant. It’s not about pointing a finger !

  19. Nature magazine contends that a SARS 2 virus couldn't possibly cross the Yangtze River from the Wuhan biotechnology complex over to the wet Market because It can't swim

    Wrong …..Lancet magazine has determined it can do the bat stroke

  20. All the cheap Chinese crap all of us buy at Amazon and Wallyworld, where you think the money goes? That could be one of the major lessons of the pandemic, exactly how many organizations are on the commie payroll.

  21. The Covid vaccine rollout is about using the power of the state to maximize corporate profits for pharmaceutical companies. 

    An ethical Covid vaccine policy would begin with TCell screening for all patients before any vaccinations are even deemed necessary. But that would imply a responsible medical system that is not driven by the profit motive. If you already have natural immunity you don't need the vaccine.

    Let's begin by discussing cross reactive immunity. Millions of people have cross reactive immunity to SarsCov2 because of previous infections with related coronaviruses.  That puts the Herd Immunity Threshold at between 50 and 25% because so many are already incapable of contracting Covid.

    Next the Millions of Covid recovered people don't need a vaccine.  They have durable, long term TCell,  Antibody, Bcell, Cd4, Cd8, Bone marrow immunity, etc.  In fact it has been shown that vaccinating Covid recovered patients diminishes their innate immune response and is therefore contraindicated.  Why are there no exemptions for natural immunity? Because natural immunity doesn't benefit corporate profits. 

    Most young people are not at risk of dying from Covid. Excluding people with pre existing conditions, cancer and the immune compromised. The CDC statistics are very clear in this regard. Therefore forcing an experimental medical intervention on them is particularly aggregious.  Especially when you take into account the tsunami of Covid vaccine injuries and deaths that we are presently beginning to experience.  Keep in mind that the VAERS system generally only reports between 1% and 10% of adverse reactions. 

    I have treated an unacceptable number of adverse reactions to the experimental Covid vaccines.  I've seen more adverse reactions in the past 4 months than I've seen in the past 15 years of practicing medicine. Capitalism in the Vaccine Industry and the lack of corporate liability is deeply disturbing to me.  Safety and efficacy are not taken into consideration,  only profit. ???

    So far I've witnessed 3 cases of Bell's Palsy,  1 Parotitis,  1 Trigeminal Neuralgia,  3 cases of Shingles,  1 stroke, 2 Guillan Barre,  1 runaway high blood pressure spike,  1 miscarriage. Etc…  Disaster.

    Of course all of the adverse reactions I've seen are acute. We aren't even talking about the long term implications.  We are definitely already seeing Antibody Dependent Enhancement and Pathogenic Priming in the vaccinated. We won't see the cancers, autoimmune disease or inflammatory conditions for a few weeks to years after the injection as it takes some time for cell signaling to mount an inflammatory response.  The biggest concern is long term neuro degenerative issues like prion disease.  Only time will tell.  But I'm certain that the Vaccine Aftermarket will be primed to rake in astronomical profits. Orders of magnitude greater than profits from direct Vaccine sales.

    Next,  let's consider the warnings of Nobel Prize winning immunologist Luc Montagnier that the mass vaccination campaign is causing Antibody Dependent Enhancement which is driving immune escape mutations and creating the variants.  This mass vaccination strategy might be beneficial for Pharma in that it will drive the booster shot market. But it will not end the Pandemic. 

    The most disturbing part of this medical malpractice fiasco is the latest Lancet study that shows the Pfizer as being 0.84% effective, Moderna at 1.2% effective, J&J 1.2% effective. How useless.

    People need to stop mistaking a marketing campaign for a health campaign. ???

    And finally it's important to remember that using government force to push a corporate profit agenda is fascism.  ?

  22. This is nonsense . The virus came from CHINA one way or another. It is a question if this was meant to be bioweapon. It is not racism . It was AMERICAN backed financially and US doctors Dr. FAUCI was involved.

  23. Anyone not holding China to account is compromised to them. One day I hope the Chinese people become free of their genocidal communist government.

  24. Its sad how we cant name things what they are anymore. Cant call a fat person fat, a black person black, a gay person gay and so on. The variants cant be named from the country they come from. The virus cant be called from the country it came from.. Where is this going? soon we wont be allowed to talk because its offensive or racist

  25. Or distraction politics..We did it on purpose, but will concede to this..does it in fact exist..was it just a rouge flu strain..and no one told us..because at 99.7 Survival rate..I'm struggling to see an emergency let alone a Scamdemic…

  26. How are people not to be irate about all that has happened and who might be responsible??? (and was it not acceptable to be irate with orange man?)

  27. More swearing!!! You guys are great. I don't care so much about who is right, just people, like you, who at least try to get to the truth.