Navy Sec: US Military HURT By Ukraine Funding | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss a US military official warning about how our own military may be hurt by the massive funds going to support Ukraine.

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  1. Not only do the weapons not arrive on time to the USN, they don't arrive in Ukraine at all. Up to 80 % don't make it to the front lines. They go to Scandinavian Biker Groups, and probably to Russia.

  2. This war is not an invasion of Russia. Sagars look back at the history of Russian wars covers the situation when Russia is invaded. Saggar thinks the BP audience is ignorant – and he is correct. Saggar compares this to Hitlers invasion of Russia. This is not an invasion of Russia. No one should trust anything Saggar says. He is either stupid or dishonest or both.

  3. And this will be the reason that Republicans who are against the war in Ukraine and want to take money out of the Pentagon budget for this purpose will end up putting that money back in the budget in order to replenish our depleted stockpiles of weapons, depleted because they went to Ukraine.

    Heads, defense contractors win; tails, taxpayers lose.

  4. Does anyone actually think Ukraine has a chance of winning or ever did. I can't believe how propagandised people were on this let me guess Blackrock will be doing rebuilding in Ukraine after Russia takes what it wants

  5. Taking what he said out of context. He was criticizing the process and not our support for Ukraine. Y’all report on half truths about everything. BP is ideological garbage.

  6. Or number 3 they have been planning 8 years for this and have unlimited shells and rockets the Russians took us to space station for 12 years they know how to build rockets where is evidence they got supplies from N Korea anonymous officials

  7. The Navy doesn’t have enough funding. Hmmm. Basically, that’s been their view since, well, since Navy. The majority of the congressional funding for Ukraine is going to US defense contractors to build more weapons. But not for ships, thus Navy. Understand that the military services are the most powerful actors in US national security politics. They stand firmly between Congress and the executive. Neither one controls them. They get what they want, and mainly the only thing that constrains them is inter service rivalry, which they attempt to suppress as much as possible. Saagar did quote Bridge Colby, who is a very reliable source. The war on terror has dramatically distorted the national security (military) establishment in a way that minimizes its competitiveness vis-a-vis the PRC and Russia. Ukraine has done the same, because the war in Ukraine is basically a World War ONE (not even two) grunting war made stupid by Russia. So we are funding artillery war instead of a modern war. The things PRC and Russia fear the most. We are an airpower nation, and that’s what they fear and that’s what they cannot defend against. Note that in Ukraine, the Russian Air Force has proven to be utterly useless. So, in response, let’s BUILD MORE ARTILLERY to help Ukraine…

  8. You are missing the words MIGHT BE in your clickbait title. You guys are getting out of control with your desire for clicks. If you keep it up, your clickbait and unfair criticism will be just like cnn or Fox News

  9. Neither Krystal nor Kyle can make it through a day without saying "cuck" anymore. Putting aside how juvenile it sounds, there's a 100% chance she makes him watch while she does other dudes in front of him.

  10. The knowledge we are gaining about our battle strategies, intelligence apparatus, and the effectiveness of our military equipment in actual combat while helping Ukraine is invaluable. Saagar has no idea how valuable this knowledge actually is to our military. The money we have spent in Ukraine is worth every penny and more.

  11. This is nonsense and that's easy to see, what exactly are we using ordance on at this time, we are not in a war, are we just blowing stuff up to be blowing stuff up? if so stop problem solved. And btw is this where the military budget is being wasted just randomly blowing stuff up? That reporter should have asked for context like were is al our existing ordance going.

  12. This show sounds more like MSM every time I listen to it. Sad because they seemed to be heading in a different direction at first. At this pace they'll be like TYT soon, were serious people have left… leaving them with their inane sycophants.

  13. Mehhh. Conventionally, the Pentagon has made it a goal to be ready at all times to fight wars on up to three different continents at once. So now, I guess they can only fight on two.

  14. It never had to do with "defense spending" it is and always has been the Military Industrial Complex, ever since we realized how much of a boon it can be for the upper echelons of the economy at the end of the Great Depression leading into World War 2.

  15. saagar is smart to quote peter zeihan. Peter Zeihan is getting the Ukraine war mostly corrrect. But i have small disagreements Me personally i predict (predicted) the Russian Army will just collapse sometime between Jan and end of August.

  16. Soledar, formerly known as Karlo-Libknekhtovsk, is a city in Bakhmut Raion, which is located in Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine, has now fallen into Russias hands thanks to the infamous Wagner Group. A group of ruthless neo-nazi war criminals named after the German composer Richard Wagner, due to his passion for the Third Reich (Wagner being Adolf Hitler's favorite composer). So much for the Anti Nazi campaign promise.

  17. Im just waiting for the MIC to lobby some Senators to buy names and we will have the USS Goldman-Sachs Frigate and the Amazon Attack Helicopter and M8-A5 PepsiCo MBT

  18. It seems naive to think the US is running low on weapons. Do you really think our stock pile could be depleted in a year long proxy war? And if it did what does that tell you about actual preparedness for some real shit. Sounds like to me it's just the military heads reaching into the media to push their own agenda whatever it may be. Usually you guys would say something like that but I guess if you agree with them it doesn't elicit the same reaction

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