NBA And MLB Get WOKE Go Broke, Cancel Games For BLM

Tim and comedian guest Ryan Long discuss what it means that NBA players are so scared that they’re cancelling basketball games and buying Teslas in the hopes that police racially profile them wrong and don’t pull them over.

Guest: Ryan Long, comedian
Twitter: @RyanLongComedy
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Podcast: The Boyscast with Ryan Long

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. If people did (which they won't) watch the NBA, the commentators should start saying the names on their jerseys. I could hear it now, Equality alley-oop to Peace. Reform scored personal high 43 points. This will be their legacy. Nobody will remember their real names.

  2. It’s hard to comprehend how irrelevant these clowns are. These leagues will come crashing down as the owners are all very rich and not really into losing tons of money making political statements. MLB and NBA are hurting themselves but will survive in some for, but don’t even get me started on the WNBA. There aren’t enough affluent lesbians to support that trash.

  3. We don't need pro sports.
    I'll never buy myself or children anything from any sport that protest.
    I won't watch any of their games their now traitors to America. I'd rather support a foreign team than these race baiting traitors.

  4. Take their pay from them then and i’d sack some of their asses then you’d soon see them panic just at the thought of all that over paid cash being taken from them for their political leanings bullshit being brought with them ‘to their work’.

  5. How is most of the Left going to go on strike, most of them don’t work which is why it’s so easy for them to say something that dense and there are no women’s sports, they’re all just men’s sports that women have demanded we allow them to steal from us and as usual we’re just to say nothing about it, we’re also to say nothing about the fact it’s mainly only men that’s even watching them and not for the reasons they want us to watch them either, which explains why their tops and shorts are just that little bit tighter, as generations in on this so called feminism & equality we’re still seeing building sites, road gangs etc empty of both hard hat, steel toe cap boot wearing feminists and just women in general and they’re still using their sexuality when ever possible to get ahead because basically it’s far easier to do it that way than working hard, something they learn from a very early age and then they complain loudly about it when it stops working for them later in life.

  6. So you guys can always go join the BLM lawsuit against McDonalds and make your voice heard, and get money, if theres any left after attornies get done… oh wait, your all on the same team arent you? What team are you on really? Who do you play for?

  7. NBA should do what China does, fill the seats with teddy bears and screens of people webcams watching their streaming service. Boom, audience.

  8. Need to lose term "today's standards". Human beings have no standards. During Stalingrad in ww2 people ate each other.Human flesh was available via black market.Some standards huh?

  9. Major league sports want to walk out on the fans because they feel traumatized with the violence . The fans be like ok, we weren't watching you anyways. We changed the channels on you when you first dropped to your knees.

  10. 8:20 ish
    If you really want to avoid getting pulled over, put big ass "thin blue line" stickers in your back window.
    I've been doing it for years, only been pulled over once in that vehicle and was let off with a warning

  11. Fine.
    From now on I'll cancel all tv subscriptions and watch whatever I please from free and illegally.
    Fuck you race baiting pricks.

  12. People are terrified to watch them play. Knowing they support the movement that killed over 30 people and destroyed countless businesses, private and government properties.

  13. LeBron is the type that loves to hear his own voice.  Probably repeats himself whenever he sounds gangsta. Bet he spends most of the day fantasizing his own funeral and how glamorous it will be

  14. If Trump cannot win this election he and Putin are planning to steal it.

    Please, if you care about justice and care for your loved ones and country, don't be distracted by the small stuff….please consider the following scenario and then actual, confirming developments:

    Trump loses the election. He has already publicly established, in his bases collective mind, that for him to lose, the election was patently rigged.
    On cue Barr takes to the podium and announces that the DOJ etc are in possession of confidential evidence, that there has been major electoral fraud. The said confidential evidence was, not surprisingly, gathered by Trumps (in reality, illegal) unilaterally appointed, polling booth monitors. Barr says none of the evidence can be released, as it will potentially compromise their investigations.
    Meanwhile Trump takes to Twitter, reminding he saw this coming, as per his innumerable predictions, and that it was obviously Chinese and hard left wing fascist operatives who are responsible.
    Mainly Democratic citizens react to the setup and take to the streets to publicly protest.
    On cue, Trump Twitters that those aforementioned Chinese and fascist operatives, have now incited chaos in the streets, as an overture to insurrection and takeover. Trump says he alone is prepared to protect American democracy, justifying Barr and Trump sending in controllers (as per their earlier trial runs), and escalate the confusion and violence.
    On cue, again via Twitter, Trump incites and thereby mobilises his heavily armed Grey Coat militia base, Twittering that, totally independent of anyones implied encouragement, his patriotic supporters….the real Americans, are rightly incensed and are understandably preparing to be patriotically pro-active. He threatens, but tactically stops short of, declaring Martial Law, at that stage. If the military are activated by Trump as CIC, he has to have his armed malitia stood down; the last thing he actually wants.
    The pro-Trump civil Police are unmotivated to protect the unarmed protesters and they are totally out numbered and out gunned anyway.
    Trump then Twitters that he hopes nothing bad happens, but that he will gladly administer pardons to patriots defending themselves and rightiousness. 
    The simmering situation is thereby pushed to trigger point, sparking the mass use of firearms and carnage ensues.
    Trump and Barr etc, then stand at the podium, again on cue, declaring a State of Emergency, saying this time there was only fine people on one side….Trumps militia. Trump then formally invokes Martial Law and indefinitely suspends Congress.
    The Pentagon and underlying military personnell, are circumstantially forced to split into two groups; those for Trump and therefore prepared to protect him and keep him in the White House, and those loyal to the rule of democracy.
    The Trump supporting arm of the military then, for all practical purposes, join in with Trumps militia. We then have a Trump supported military coup and America is poised to descend into Dictatorship, with no legally empowered entity, capable of counter lethal force to halt the descent.
    Meanwhile, actual developments in 'real time', consistent with the scenario: Trump knowingly breaches the Hatch Act and stages the RNC on the grounds of the Whitehouse; demonstrating that henceforth it is Trumphouse. In his opening statements Trump refers to being President for the next 12 years.
    Trump instructs that Congress no longer receives updates on potential electoral interference.
    As per 2016, Russia again engages planted rabble-rousers; this time to encourage and ramp up civil chaos in Democratic governed States. Trump obediently follows Putin's instruction to exploit the opening wound.
    Barr begins to mirror Trumps prediction that mail-in voting is going to lead to fraud.

    Good Bye America.


  15. BLM will be the death of the game more than covid all the athletes have come up in their careers through empty school gymnasiums .as a professional athlete you have to be inside yourself and ignore a lot of whats going on around you . half of all games are away games where the fans are a NEGATIVE factor

  16. For the people from the people
    Hey LeBron because you're a rich socialist abdicate why you don't share your yachts with the community you love so much…? Make people go in your cars yo go to vote in person ….yes you can !

  17. The D.N.C in Worcester MA has been destroying ballots and voter registration cards for at least three months. I have seen the voter out reach street workers rip up and burn registration cards marked Republican, Independent or Green party.