NBA Finals Ratings TANK To ALL TIME LOW, The Most EPIC Get Woke Go Broke

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  1. Tim there's YouTube woman who was giving anyone who shows her that they voted for Biden she will send rhem a spicy photo from her only fans site

  2. It's the same reason why the left is incapable to meme. They take everything too seriously due to perennial angst and lack of solid reality frame. Must suck to be like that.

  3. We have these NBA assclowns telling us how bad "we" are, how oppressed "they" are and that we should stand up and make a difference… yet, less than 20% of THEM are registered voters.

  4. There's nothing more in life I'd love to see more than major sports to die off. I take that back….Rap music, definitely rap music, then sports! Why you ask? Well i will oblige! I'll give you the short version and straight to the root of it. Schools spend more on sports than actual learning! I'll leave you to trace out the consequences on your own.

  5. I think the problem just comes down to one factor. Foreign money. The NBA needs money from China to fund itself and expand. Supporting a narrative that tries to influence voters to vote left helps ensure this. A trump victory may mean a severe cut in salaries and revenue. All this SJW stuff I think is a side effect of globalization. It's not about justice it's about money. I miss the NBA of the 80s/90s where it was about rivalries and a bit less about money. When players started making millions I think it started to break the system.