NBA Gets Woke Goes Broke AGAIN, Players Are “Traumatized” And REFUSE To Play, Ratings Drop 40%

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  1. That's great, mock the repressed minority for being emotionally affected when yet another black person is murdered by Police.

    There a lot of reason why the NBA ratings would be down on last year considering the virus, the time of year as the playoffs usually finish in July.

    You need to think about what it might be like to a minority.

    You aren't funny and you you've just exposed your ignorance.

  2. None of my money is going to any millionaire sports or hollywood types. No sports or movies/TV fpr me. They can learn to live on $40K a year like the rest of us.

  3. I wonder why "affirmative action" is not used in the NBA to ensure that whites, Asians, ands Latinos get a proportional to the population amount of places on the team rosters? Why is it that 90% of the NBA comes from a minority of 11% of the population? It sounds like the definition of a racist organization or is it just me? Could it be that when it comes down to it the NBA is a league where only the "strong survive"? In other words either you can play on the level needed for the NBA or you can't and that's another reason why everything is so f*cked up in this country …. only "some jobs" require the "best man for the job" and the rest are filled by government mandate!!

  4. The left also ruined hockey. I've been watching since 89 and I just can't watch the useless virtue signaling nonsense where they just keep regurgitating media lies do I'm no longer watching the playoffs…

  5. You ever notice how all 'black man pulled over for driving a nice car' stories always involve athletes? Where are all the black doctors and lawyers getting pulled over? Are we supposed to believe that they don't have nice cars?

  6. Wait the rufuse to play. An want have game but mad because there ratting down. Well when I don't have anything to show an play on tv the ratting are going to go down. How is there going to be ratings on stuff that don't go on tv.

  7. Nha the real crazy thing is this people are millionaire they could put there money for good. They could donate there time to soup kitchens they could do like shqueal O'Neal an volunteer as reserve deputy volunteer as firemen or soup kitchen. Or hell build a rec center in gheto to have a place where kids can safely go. But nope they just going to buy million dollar Tesla to promote change. Dame they could do anything to help promote change. But all they do is just buy themselves another status symbol

  8. NBA Is garbage honestly baseball requires more skill and patience than bouncing a ball running past other guys who want your bouncing ball and then trying to throw it into a ten foot high hole on a stick.

  9. Idk why they cant see that ppl need a break from all the drama. And that there is no need for them to feel that NBA will be the defining thing that helps against police brutality. Now EVERYONE knows the problems so them kneeling means nothing! Kneeling was to bring awareness. We are AWARE. Donate money for change and stop virtue signaling and play. PS getting rid of racism is like getting rid of envy or greed or any other sins. It's not gonna happen. Be realistic and know that the media and shitty Politicians actors entertainers need to realize we are better than the hate they magnetized. Good deeds and good ppl go unnoticed. Are we surprised. Nothing but 247 negative vibes and ppl eat that shit up like we have no good left. What a pathetic lie. #GodOverEverything

  10. It's almost like people were watching to actually see people play basketball and not all this other garbage and telling me you too traumatized by media sensationalization to play a fucking game for millions of dollars. Also funny how none of them were traumatized when it's a black guy shooting a 5 year old in the head

  11. Its not a good time in America for those entertainers who have earned millions by PLAYING with a BALL and traveling all over the world . I feel so bad for how they ?????…im sorry i can't keep a straight face.

  12. I shocked that you can't believe your eyes, Tim. This is how these people do. This is a prime example of their intellect. They should start burning down their arenas..that would be a good social justice move. And start "peacefully protesting" their own games. Maybe beat up some they are probably all racist anyway.
    No, the truth is these guys have more privilege that I've ever had in my 59 years, and ever will. They are spoiled little brats, and are used to getting their own way…even if they have to resort to robbery, rape, assault, or even murder.
    I hope the NBA, NFL, MLB, NASCAR all die off completely. These professional sports leagues are all corrupt, and give no value to America, actually sucking the fans dry. And now are ridiculously tied to politics. Time to go back to small, locally promoted sports leagues, where the fans get what they pay for, and the players aren't paid millions a year…just so they can kneel at our National Anthem, disrespecting the very country that promotes them.