NBA Player Refuses Vaxx Based On Science

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  1. So "Trumpers" or people who voted for Trump are cooks? Trump wasn't perfect but I'd much rather have him back than idiots who think they can print 10 trillion dollars and give it to foreign governments. I was a Trump supporter and I agree with you on alot of things, I'm a populist same as you, I just disagree on how to get there, they are putting us against each other because together the populists would vote out the establishment. Maybe if we stopped funding world governments, being world police, we could have a public option, public funded Pre-K and college.

  2. I feel that if you get covid, they should put it on your vaccine card and that should count just the same. The vaccine is like a trial run for your immune system so getting the real thing should be even better at preventing serious illness/re-infection in the future.

  3. Although I definitely think he'd be better off getting the vaccine, I've got to respect his honesty and reasoning for his choice to not get it. I wish people would talk calmly and articulate like he's clearly showing.

  4. It’s also really racist how they talk about us. The white liberals and weirdo leftists. I’m brown, i also hate being called poc like that removed identity from me as a human. A white person is white a black person is black, brown etc. like just call me a person weirdo gatekeeping if so called “pc” terms??? Anyway, white liberals and so called leftists are super racist. Calling us “idiots/monkeys/apes/trumpet” etc etc. “you don’t know anything for your own well-being as a non white person.” Trump broke their brains! I’m a leftist myself, but I’ve literally experienced less overt and covert racism from conservatives.

  5. Here's hope that anyone with influence would use the quotes, actual quotes, from kamala, biden saying they didn't trust the v during PRESIDENT TRUMP'S chair. It's not political at all, lmfao.

  6. Yes yes. All you people keep saying f@ck the vaccine. Don't go for the free thing that's safe and effective and keep going for long expensive hospital stays. That'll show big pharma lmao and keep listening to a guy who's show numbers spiked with anti vaccine nonsense and is probably vaccinated himself lmao we need to thin out the herd. Force The…..Mandate lmao man dore stans are the dumbest out there. Jimmy is as left as my right arm

  7. The article describing the University of Pittsburgh / Carnie Melon study must have changed it's wording to eliminate anything about specifically "PHD's being most hesitant" because there are multiple sources quoting it directly (Daily Mail, etc.), but it no longer appears on the original site. They changed it to "higher levels of education."

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