NBC Forced To Admit 71% DISAPPROVE Of Country Under Biden | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the detailed new polling that shows how badly Biden is doing on the most important political issues of the day and on the fundamental questions about the country

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  1. is there a video on the travis scott concert? the weird surge after a security officer was injected with somethin n had to be revived with narcan? and how the hill conveniently reported it as a shooting and left it up with the wrong title intentionally for over may still be up.. i mean ..the deep state has to realize theres technology and eyes everywhere .. they cant be doin weird stuff and not be held accountable.. they want to buckle down on gun laws and public gatherings..

  2. Let me get this straight. You are promoting a poll from a MAJOR news outlet and you think the information presented is somehow factual? EVERY WORD from ANY mainstream media is BOUGHT and PAID for to paint a narrative. You only have to wait for the commercials to see who paid for that fake story utilized to create a fake narrative. Way to promote lies you guys.

  3. I feel bad for the average American working voters. They have to choose btw the right wing of the single party (the Dems) and its ultra-right wing (the Republicans) – both bought by Big Business, none of them concerned how the little people will make it till the end of the month. It's almost like being stuck btw a rock and a hard place, without a second party to choose from. Maybe Yang could break through this chaos and give them a real alternative, not just a false choice. 2022 sb interesting.

  4. This is something I will always be disappointed in Bernie for. The democratic party system willingly and knowingly anointed a man that is in steady age decline and meek policy promises to make sure Bernie didnt get elected instead and he didn't fight it in 2016 or 2020. The entire establishment is corrupt and I wish he fought that fight for all of us. Regardless of whether Bernies policies are correct, his fight against a corrupt establishment would have been a voice not only for millions in America but around the world. He succumbed to the system, convinced a cushy senate position would help influence what gets on the floor, but as we have seen there is so little he can do when the establishment prefers listening to their own obstructers over those who are pushing towards bills and agenda. They made a huge deal about Trumps craziness and horribleness, but Americans could argue a charisma-less incompetent biden is far worse

  5. We knew this was going to be the case before the election. I have 0 sympathy for the administration, but I mourn the current state and future of this country. Revolution is coming.

  6. Not only did Dems learn nothing from the Obama years, they also appear to have learned nothing at all from the trainwreck that was the Hillary Clinton campaign. If anything should have caused deep self-reflection as a party it was that loss. But instead it got deflected and written off as being about "sexism" etc. that she lost. And then what did they do to follow up? Hitch their horse to a bunch of demonstrably false narratives and double-down on their approach by deciding that Joe Biden was the best candidate they could come up with. They are an obsolete, morally bankrupt party, as are their opponents. Can we please just start over?

  7. Meanwhile trump actually did a lot of good for the country and his policies were not totalitarian or is an Orange saying even remotely compared to what we have now

  8. No Thanks to the hyper-ventilating
    media fighting for the loose change
    they anticipate will fall out of the
    lunatic Fox & Freaks early riser 🔥crowd.

  9. And the media will spin this to mean more austerity, more conservative authoritarian B S! This is all by design to push this country farther away from something the next generations would enlist to protect!

  10. The spin: "37% say he is competent, 50% disagree with that description." Oh Todd, you are such a hack🤣 NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, one thing in common: NO INTEGRITY.

  11. One can only imagine what it would be like to have served as the president of the United States of America and then only remembered as “Let’s go Brandon.” How disheartening, but Uncle Joe has no one to blame but himself because he is a person without any solid principles. Life just sucks when you are a genuine “A” hole.

  12. And yet he's still better than the other option. Sad state of affairs. GOP are evil the DNC is weak. Get money money out of politics! Force them all to work for the people period.

  13. Krystal, great segment until the very end. Really? The Republicans have nothing to offer on the economy and inflation? Rewind two years before COVID — GDP growth, working wage growth, no inflation, minority employment at all time highs. Investment in inner cities. Now Biden and the Democrats extend and milk the pandemic because they see favorable polling. We’re less than a year into the Biden Administration! Imagine what the next three years hold even with Republican control of Congress. As Obama said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”

  14. Biden has no control over the pandemic! He could release generic virus reducing drugs so that any effect on the medical system is minimized.

    His main donor who invested in the medical industry wouldn't like that. No medicare for all. No keeping his promises for a 15 dollar minimum wage, etc. Biden holds US citizens as expendable masses for him to dictate his mandates and divisiveness.

    He's got the media, big tech, the Military industrial Complex, Wall St, the FBI and Military Intelligence on his side VS the citizens.

    They are all treating the US population as the enemy. What a big disgusting game. It's like when the Bush family and the CIA targeted black US citizens with crack and heroine – all in the name of defeating Communism! Now, they're inverting it and targeting the white population with a manufactured story of white supremacists and non-exitistant white supremacy.

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