NBC LIES About Child COVID Hospitalizations AGAIN!

NBC News recently aired a segment with the alarming news that the average number of children hospitalized with Covid-19 had just jumped by a whopping 52 percent. But what NBC left out of the story — or at least buried deep into the segment — is that these children were not hospitalized because they had contracted COVID, merely that they had tested positive. These COVID infections may have had nothing to do with their hospitalization, and in fact the children may have contracted COVID AFTER being hospitalized.

Jimmy discusses this latest example of still more misinformation about COVID coming from the mainstream press.

Read the original story here:

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  1. Hospitalisations rose fourfold* – OH MY GOD the end is nigh – it's an absolute cascade – I think its time we all live in the bunkers under the garden and only ever come up for food!
    (*from one to four)

  2. When you tell a lefty facts don't care about your feelings you realize that their feelings don't care about your facts. Just let me know when it starts. I'm locked and loaded. It's going to end up being the only way they go away.

  3. Jimmy, I really have not agreed with much of your ideas in the past, but you have to be one of the only credible jornos with a real back bone out there…..seriously, thanks for speaking up on this lunacy.

  4. And the new Kaiser health care study of billings show that your kids have a 1 in 1900 chance of getting myocarditis. This should scare the piss out of any parent and there isn't a chance in hell I would give a male this shit.

  5. This is coincidental but I remember the first time I smelled something funny about NBC. It was 1988 and NBC anchor John Chancellor just came right out and said that he thought George H.W. Bush had just won a debate between Bush and Dukakis. I was startled enough to remember it until now. That wasn't done in such an immediate way back then. And I was already tuned into the connections between General Electric's military contracting and NBC.

  6. That’s what the South Africans referred to as “incidental cases”. Those are people that come into the hospital for other things, but because everyone is tested, some test positive. In other words, people coming to the hospital WITH Covid, not BECAUSE of Covid.

  7. Look up current influenza spreading right now. It's the A type of N2H3 which is the same deadly strain that killed tens of thousands in the past. I'm sure that most of these hospitalized are from this deadly flu.

  8. Leftist commies do not care about facts or truth. They just want to hear their beliefs repeated back to them as fact. CNN and MS13NBC do not claim to be news outlets. They're entertainment (for communists).

  9. On the NBC Today video referred to by Jimmy, I've added a comment that allows you to dislike that video. So we can see what the true numbers are. Go check it out.

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