NBC News Lobbied Google To BAN Conservative News Outlet AND THEY DID (UPDATED)


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  1. Guys I am inviting you all to Russia.
    Make sure that you have business in here because it's hard to live on rubles. And go there if necessary

  2. Your saying Google did something wrong but you CANT PROVE IT! They gave you a full list of things that violate policy you skip straight HATE SPEECH??!? Me saying black people get locked up more than whites. Is discrimination and racist (I'm black). Yea if put that in news feeds as Truth it should be taken down and all money made removed. You claim you have no knowledge of the federalist. GO FIND IT.

  3. Huh, the surprise isn't real. The expectation was that it could go here. Im sad, the sky is blue, the grass is green and the shit is getting deeper. The ones with the shovels are stupid and as long as they have those shovels no one should be surprised by how far they will go. This stops when somebody grabs a shovel and smacks enough shit slingers across the fanny that the rest get the clue.

  4. "yeah, but they are independent companies and you have to adhere to their rules"…. Yeah, as long as those rules are applied to everyone. Once they are determined to be a publisher theyll start applying it evenly

  5. This is how most of our freedoms will die. Liberal tech will just censor and manipulate the facts. Still feel free? Do you not want to say and do as you please? Better get smart won’t be long now. Which side are you on? Freedom or Hell?

  6. I love your content Tim, but I don't think I can support YouTube anymore and will not be watching it any further. I will look forward to seeing you on Crowder when you go on there.

  7. Tucker Carlson can’t sell ads because companies no longer want to be associated with his brand of bigotry. Adsense disqualifies site because the format doesn’t really allow paying customers to filter what sites they want to be associated with. There has to be a threshold somewhere, you can argue that it’s in the wrong place, but it’s ridiculous to say that there shouldn’t be one. If my plumber shows up with a white power sticker on his van, I’m gonna go to the next guy

  8. Well, I already noticed for years that Google seems to censor results if you're looking for controversial subjects. It's often very hard to find websites or discussions through it that contest the mainstream leftist opinion. Also quite a few other things. So… I saw this coming.

  9. Can we talk about the sprit cooker commercial that bill gates hied to do the roll out commercial that they pulled after they got bad reviews! ??? We need a new platform all your own. Maybe we call all carve out some specs on the dark web ?!??

  10. I wish that crazy leftist vegan lady who shot up YT headquarters was still alive so she could kill NBC and Google executives. If she were still around I'd do a fundraiser to get her property equipped for the job. I mean, if you're crazy and going to kill people, might as well kill people to deserve it.

  11. Google is a liberal company. If they decide to remove ads from videos that’s their prerogative. It’s not like you can no longer access these websites, they just can’t make money anymore. They own the platform so they can choose to pay or not pay whoever they want.

  12. @Timcast @TimPool
    Tim Pool, get yourself bullets for that piece Steven sent you. Look up what caliber size it uses and order some if you have to. Protect yourself.

  13. If YouTube/Google ban you Tim there will be an exodus to alternative video sites. Until the far-left inquisitors ban the free internet.

  14. Where's the proof? Anyone can say anything, doesn't make it true without proof.

    Dude is another Alex Jones, feeding off the frenzied conservatives to beg for their money. SHAME!

  15. Shit like this is why the blm global foundation is getting away with all the blm money. Ovet 10 years blm getting 8 billion $. You dont need protests dont need policy changes dont need less police you need this donation to be spent on you and yours inside the community.

  16. Glad you're still with us. For now. I'm an absolute nobody online, yet I'm starting to get more and more FB posts and shares censored to the point I'm amusing myself by seeing how much I can get away with and how long it lasts. I'm not being slanderous, vulgar or deliberately misleading or false. Just sharing articles or YT videos I find provocative and asking questions, encouraging people to remember what basic logic and sense of justice tempered with concern for others felt like… maybe even
    stating orthodox biblical truths. Dangerous stuff.
    Anyway, fight on! I really enjoy your insightful and honest commentaries. And I am an older, evangelical conservative. Praying for you.