NBC Reporter Tells Truth About War – Gets IMMEDIATELY FIRED!

During the first Gulf War journalist Jon Alpert evaded his government controllers and censors to smuggle evidence of civilian casualties out of Iraq to show the American public the truth about the war’s devastating consequences. His higher-ups at NBC News had different ideas, however, and fired him rather than show the shocking footage. And then CBS News fired a producer who tried to bring Alpert on. It’s an appalling story of self-censorship in favor of war propaganda in the US news media.

Jimmy and Hard Lens Media’s Kit Cabello discuss the levers used by the corporate-military-government establishment to prevent the truth about war from escaping.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. I really don't mind that aspect of it, it's reality civilians die in war, it sucks but that's life. I get tired of the lefties causing us to lose wars with their defeatists attitude and then suddenly after being anti war since Vietnam they want to go to WW3 with Russia? the country we have hours of movies and TV shows of American lefties simping for? But now because they're not commies (allegedly) and don't embrace homosexuals we need to nuke Russia.

    They didn't even care this much when Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviets.

    It's beyond nuts I mean figure this out:

    Pro gay western commie loving atheists are backing a country who's literally got Nazi battalions who kicked out the pro Russia communist parties in 2014 vs the ex KGB agent, swears he's orthodox Christian, Putin led anti gay Russia who is backed by the atheists commie Chinese.

    Make sense of any of those alliances other than proximity.

    You can't

    This war on all levels is the most confusing battle I've ever heard other than maybe those weird alliances back in the Late Middle Ages between Eastern Europe kingdoms and the Ottomans. Where Christians are betraying Christians and teaming with Muslims or vice versa.

    I think the right is, for once, correct to be a bit dovish about this one because while we'd love to fuck up Russia and China it's very confusing about who "the good guys" are since no one made an alliance that makes sense.

  2. The Broadcasting Brothels, Broadcast whatever their paymasters want them to . Right across what they try to convince us is the " free " world! the usual suspects which is about a dozen or so war mongering countries . There`s no doubt who`s side these whores are on

  3. I'm just citing someone from the internet. It is truth, according to my (quite limited) knowledge of history. Fill free to validate it and report any mistakes.

    "Where is USA – there is War:

    1901 — Sending troops to Colombia.

    1902 — The invasion of Panama.

    1904 — The invasion of Korea, Morocco and the Dominican Republic.

    1905 — U.S. troops intervene in a revolution in Honduras.

    1905 — The invasion of Mexico.

    1905 — The invasion of Korea.

    1906 — Invasion of the Philippines.

    1906-1909 — U.S. troops are in Cuba during the elections.

    1907 — U.S. troops enforce protectorate "dollar diplomacy" in Nicaragua.

    1907 — U.S. troops intervene in a revolution in the Dominican Republic

    1907 — U.S. troops involved in the war with Honduras, Nicaragua.

    1908 — U.S. troops are in Panama during the elections.

    1910 — The United States sent military forces in Nicaragua and organized anti-government conspiracy. In 1910 was formed a junta of Pro-American generals.

    1911 — Americans landed in Honduras.

    1911 — Suppression of the anti-American uprising in the Philippines.

    1911 — The introduction of troops in China.

    1912 — U.S. troops are in Havana (Cuba).

    1912 — U.S. troops are in Panama during the elections.

    1912 — The invasion of American troops in Honduras.

    1912-1933 — The occupation of Nicaragua. In 1914, a Treaty was signed in Washington, D.C., under which the United States was granted the right to build an inter-ocean channel in Nicaragua.

    1914 — U.S. troops are in the Dominican Republic, the battle with insurgents in Santa Domingo.

    1914-1918 — A series of incursions into Mexico.

    1914-1934 — Haiti. After numerous uprisings America introduces its troops, the occupation continues 19 years.

    1916-1924 — 8-year-old occupation of the Dominican Republic.

    1917-1933 — Military occupation of Cuba, economic protectorate.

    1917-1918 — Participation in the 1st World war.

    1918-1922 —Intervention in Russia. It was attended by 14 States. Was the active support of the breakaway from Russia territories of Calcanei and the far Eastern Republic.

    1918-1920 — Panama. Troops are being put in place to suppress the riots after the elections.

    1919 — COSTA RICA. … The landing of US troops to "protect American interests".

    1919 — U.S. troops fighting on the side of Italy against Serbs in Dolmatov. 1919 — American troops are in Honduras during the elections.

    1920 — Guatemala. 2-week intervention.

    1921 — U.S. support for rebels who fought to overthrow the Guatemalan President Carlos Herrera to benefit the United Fruit Company.

    1922— Intervention in Turkey.

    1922-1927 — American troops in China during the popular uprising. 1924-1925-Honduras. Troops invade the country during the election.

    1925 — Panama. American forces dispersed a General strike.

    1926 — Nicaragua. Invasion.

    1927-1934 — Cross China stationroad American troops.

    1932 — El Salvador invasion from the sea. There was a rebellion there at the time.

    1937 — Nicaragua. With the help of American troops dictator Somoza comes to power, displacing the legitimate government of J. Sacasa.

    1939 — The introduction of troops in China.

    1945 — Two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan.

    1947-1949 — Greece. American troops are involved in the civil war, supporting the Nazis.

    1948-1953 — Military operations in the Philippines.

    1950 — The uprising in Puerto Rico suppressed by American troops. 1950-1953-armed intervention in Korea about a million American soldiers.

    1958 — Lebanon. The occupation of the country, the fight against the rebels. 1958-confrontation with Panama.

    1959 — America invades Laos, begin the first clashes of American troops in Vietnam.

    1959 — Haiti. Suppression of the popular uprising against the Pro-American government.

    1960 — After Jose Maria Velasco was elected President of Ecuador and refused to comply with the requirements of the United States to sever relations with Cuba, Americans spent several military operations and organize a coup.

    1960 — American troops are in Guatemala to prevent removal from power U.S. puppets.

    1965-1973 — Military aggression against Vietnam.

    1966 — Guatemala. …US troops entered the country, were arranged mass killings of Indians, who were considered potential rebels.

    1966 — Military assistance to the Pro-American governments of Indonesia and the Philippines.

    1971-1973 — The bombing of Laos.

    1972 — Nicaragua. American troops are being deployed to support a government that benefits Washington.

    1983 — The military intervention in Grenada, about 2 thousand Marines. 1986 – attack on Libya. The bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi.

    1988 — The invasion of American troops in Honduras

    1988 — The U.S. warship Vincennes, which was in the Persian Gulf, shot down an Iranian aircraft with 290 passengers on Board, including 57 children, with a missile.

    1989 — American troops suppress unrest in the virgin Islands.

    1991 — Large-scale military action against Iraq

    1992-1994 — The occupation of Somalia

    1998 — Sudan. Americans consume missile strike pharmaceutical plant, arguing that it produces nerve gas.

    1999 — Ignoring the norms of international law, bypassing the UN and the Security Council, the United States NATO forces launched a campaign of 78-day aerial bombardment of the sovereign state of Yugoslavia.

    2001 — Invasion of Afghanistan.

    2003 — The bombing of Iraq.

    2011 — Libya.

    2013 — Syria.

    And these are only direct invasions, without color revolutions.

    The US has killed more than 24 million people, a cancer on the body of the planet…"

  4. Almost as bad as the BBC. Honest reporters had to leave because they felt the pressure of censorship by the BBC. Only supine, obedient ones left to support the British government.

  5. During the second Iraq war the newsrooms were virtually staffed by military and intel people. We’ll never know the full extent of the manipulation and corruption that took place back then.

  6. "You sir sounds like a white supremisist". I don't think Jimmy was joking. He realised that guest still went into Iraq war (#2) knowing the facts, just to get paid, did not matter if he had to kill more innocent civilians.

  7. If I can't vote republican or democrat…who do I vote for? I mean, I would vote for Tulsi if she got the mod, but I don't know who to vote for outside of the two old white guys

  8. Brian Williams told the truth about how he was a Helicopter Door Gunner in Iraq and Afghanistan. He had over 10K kills and saved millions of lives. Then he arose from his slumber and was in bed, in his jammies. It was all a dream.

  9. You have NEVER been at peace with the world.,in their whole years of existance…You started off with genocide of local natives and have NEVER stopped….and the best bit is …your country is left unscathed after your onslaught…Your biggest expenditure is on weopons,yet who is invading you???WHY///

  10. "there's no such thing as a bloodless war" This is something liberals need to wrap their head around, as they shriek about russia bombing something, it's a fucking war. Laws of war are stupid bullshit that are never enforced and have only ever been used as an excuse either to start military action or purge a nation of leaders we don't like or both. That's not to say warcrimes necessarily happen in every single war ever, it's true that a nation can voluntarily adhere to the laws of war, but the moment it would put them at a strategic or tactical disadvantage to do so, they go out the window 100% of the time. We have done far worse in Iraq and afghanistan and syria and libya and vietnam and korea than Russia has done in the ukraine war and newsflash, we haven't just been killing 100% evil terrorists that want to kill women for showing an eyelash.

    Russia's war in ukraine is horrible BECAUSE IT'S A WAR. It was a bad thing to do BECAUSE IT'S A WAR. Not because Russia is uniquely evil and they're doing it for an "impure" reason. Our wars are just as bad, if not worse since the USA really has no filter on what is acceptable, you can gun down hundreds of FRIENDLY civilian refugees for fun and you'll never face a punishment if you're in the US military. Hell, you won't even have to apologise. But this kind of shit is what happens in war, it's why we shouldn't be starting fucking wars.

  11. What truly repulses me as well, is calling war Theatre. Sure pals. I remember them showing the plane hits like a video game. I used to email George Bush Jr every day. The operator got to know me. HA!! Of course I didn't matter but it made me feel better. Vipers! Watch the Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam. If people truly saw the horrors of war would they be so complacent? I certainly hope not, but we've been desensitized. Not me, but millions of others.

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