NCBI Confirms that the Rona Jab Crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier, Can Cause Dementia – Viva Clip

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  1. Oh David, this whole Sars CoV 2 experience has broken my heart. I had family in health care who were coerced to be needled in order to keep the job they loved and I watched the struggle and anguish they went through in the decision making process. I saw people in my mom's assisted living pressure and shame her to get the needle. I had friends encourage people to call the police on people and businesses for non compliance. I had friends furious because of my personal health choices. I had 3 doctors badger and shame me for not being needled. Even my neurologist when I contracted Guyon Berea after getting the Rona said even tho I have a neurological issue and that I would probably get sicker with the needle she was adamant for me to get needled. I have lost my job, a few years to retirement, can't find employment, I have no more savings, all because of nefarious agendas. The only thing I cling on to is my love for Jesus.

  2. 1:49 It’s JOHN CAMPBELL. HE IS NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR. He is a retired nurse and has a phd in “open learning resources”, whatever that means. I do not know why he uses the medical “dr” title in front of his name. It is very deceptive!

  3. Just graduated a graduate degree and Western won't allow me/my loved ones to go to my graduation because we refuse to disclose our private medical information. They are a disgusting crock of an institution. The public won't forget. And best of all – God sees everything!

  4. All the people who constantly criticized me and kept telling me why I should take the bio weapon. Now hate it when I talk about all these side effects 🤣

  5. Those who took the shots knew they were taking an experimental product and knew that pharma and politicians habitually misrepresent.. and they also were ignoring the "quack" doctors and informed people warning them.

  6. I've been watching "anti-v" channels for years and therefore I KNEW these weren't adequately tested (even standard vac are not) and I knew not to take them and I was and am shocked they're still pushing these on kids and U students.

  7. And they called my family and I all sorts of names, including "antivaxxers, conspiracy theorists, selfish N*z*s, etc.". I was refused multiple jobs because I refused to disclose my jab status (I refuse to call it a vaccine.).

    Well… I wonder how they feel now? Turns out we were right to be hesitant. One of the guys even tried to compare the COVID jab to the polio vaccine. Even guilted me by talking about how many people died from polio, and how many lives were saved by the polio vaccine. He even said "you know they're going to mandate it, right?" As if that makes it right somehow, and anyways, the government ended up dropping that plan. Bet he feels like a right tit right now.

  8. You should have seen Louder with Crowder the other day. He flashed every article showing the effectiveness of the vaccine go from 97% to 38% – why are we still being forced to take it?

  9. As hard as it was to avoid giving in to all the pressure tactics coming from all directions I really cannot imagine having to deal with the buyer’s remorse of having given in to the lies and or pressure since there may be no undoing something that has many layers of action that is not fully understood and why so many were saying “hold on… this CAN’T be safe (yet) if we don’t KNOW what the long term outcomes are, and smelled a rat right from the start.

  10. Remember when they swore up and down that the jab wouldn’t cross the blood brain barrier and anyone who said otherwise was a conspiracy theorist anti-vaxxer?!? I do.

  11. I would say "I told you so" to everyone who was nasty to me because I refused the thing because of my own reading and the lack of long term studies, but I am too sad for the numbers of them.

  12. I heard this also from a doctor who was on LLTT show on Rumble. Every time you take another booster it increases your brain inflammation! Yikes! Heaven is a real place so is hell. Where are you going? If you're still thinking it might be too late!

  13. Good that you reference Campbell, as he was one of the earliest proponents of bringing back old school injection aspiration for exactly these types of circulatory complications. There was so much group think and politicization of vaccination that even asking if aspiration was an option was looked upon as crazy.

  14. What I want to know Viva, is it government over reach to waive my rights to litigation and compensation, for an experimental medication, made by an industry with NUMEROUS conviction and civil litigation judgements against them? Then have us MANDATED with ZERO consumer protection, on an EUA product, that PRIVATER criminal corporations can make profit off of?
    I would NEVER agree to waive my rights to these criminals. How can governments make that decision for me?

  15. My opinion is that those who are in their 50's, 60's, and 70's needed the jab, where as those in the 30's, 20's and younger were lower riskand rarely dying from COVID so they were only for profit with no benefit. I am in my 50's and if the risk is getting a disorder in my 80's pohoo, I will likely die of a heart attack at 75!

    But the young must refuse to be jabbed or boosted!

  16. I already know what most people will say to this, they’ll say “see how bad covid is, it’s a good thing I got the shot because otherwise I would have got covid worse” That is the mentality! Perhaps their brains are already failing them

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