NEAR 10% ANNUAL INCREASE: Soaring Food Prices Worry Lawmakers As Global Hunger Rises

Skyrocketing food prices are alarming lawmakers, who worry about the mounting impact on U.S. consumers and rising hunger around the world.


Written by The Hill

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  1. Billions and billions and billions of dollars have been spent on combating vaccine hesitancy and safe and effective advertising on a global human medical experiment.
    And look what they could have been doing with all that money 🤦 to help combat this instead.

    Their moto… Eliminate the people… Eliminate their problem.
    They despise poor individuals.

  2. Yes price increases are deplorable. Now ask yourself what the consumer can do about it because government isn't going to do anything. I for one have reduced my purchases of many products and have gone to "no name" for others. My budget has not changed and I don't find myself suffering from my cutbacks. Gas is the one thing I have most difficulty with, however I find myself using the car 20% less than before.

  3. What a lie, yes they raised prices on some items 100%. Not to mention in decreases in volume of the product up too 35%! America is being robbed by corporate America.

  4. Seriously there cooking the books inflation much higher.the more fuel cost and the more printed money is injected into the marketplace inflation will keep going up.

  5. Looking at the prices at my store I would agree prices on most things has gone up 30% over the last year. I am effected and scared by this and it is hard to think, but I know that others are worse off. It is going to take a decade at least to come back from it.

  6. I don't actually see any lawmakers worried . if they were they wouldn't have just sent $40 billion to ukraine for a war. that $40 billion could have fought a lot of hunger instead of fighting a war

  7. inflation is a game the owner class plays, when they re upset that the government supports progressive policies. dont buy their higher priced goods. support the government to produce the products. people dont need the corporations. the corporations need the people to keep buying.

  8. I just went grocery shopping and every single shelf in the store was fully stocked. This is the first time I've seen that since before the pandemic. That being said the price of everything I bought had skyrocketed. I saw items I haven't seen in months. I live in a port city on the Mexican boarder and much of our fresh vegetables and fruit come up literally next door so transportation costs would be minimal. We have a fishing fleet too,. which means no shortage of fish, but the prices are staggering. Rents are also off the scale. I use public transportation my bicycle and I walk so gasoline prices don't figure directly in my budget. They are almost 7 bucks a gallon here. If I can get a passport I'm getting out of this no longer free POS country. Things are not going to end well here I can assure you. I've been on this Earth for 80 years and I've seen enough to know. The U S has passed the tipping point and I'm not going to be here hopefully when the SHTF. Where will I go ? Anywhere out of here.!!!

  9. Massive Money Printing, Lock down, vaccine & mask mandate all destroy our economy, especially mid to small size business. Only the Big Corporations & the corrupted politicians benefited from it, with everyone else suffer real 20+% true inflation!

  10. Nothing but Corporate Greed thanks to the GOP. They gave Billionaires the largest tax cuts in U.S. history under Trump. They made record profits under Trump and during the Pandemic. Perhaps we should give them more tax cuts so they can lower their prices huh? 🤔🤣🤣

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  12. They have a war in a European Nation that supposedly the Bread Basket of the world, in which I never heard before in my 40 plus years on this earth. The Big G cares so much about its citizens that a certain vir you can get a free stab and it's never a problem getting and never out of stock however, all other essential things are soaring in price and things are on the verge for not being available at all. This is very interesting.

  13. 11 of the top 12 states with the highest poverty rate are the Republican-led states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas.

  14. Syria is Going through food crisis due to U.S. sitting on Syrian wheat fields! It will Not allo w Syria to cultivate at full capacity. As a side note.. that fertilizer warehouse that blew up.. the one at a port in Lebanon… that fertilizer was headed to Syria… Do you recall that one, Kim?
    Venezuela is in the same boat.. U.S. sanction Ony allows limited supplies… those supplies are Not in Venezuelan diet… Nicaragua & other Central American countries… same thing…
    Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti… same thing… embargoes…

    Admit it Kim… U.S. single handedly i s Starving the world for dominance…
    Starving it's Own citizens for Compliance….

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