Nearly assaulted by Channel 7

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Protestors gather on the steps of Parliament in Melbourne. October 27th, 2021 to oppose Daniel Andrew’s grab for permanent powers.

Written by True Arrow


  1. I just realised something. We were never in a locked down…martial law was declare, the term lockdown was used to make It sound nice, only under martial law would we have a curfew

  2. Well done,people. I was disgusted by drunk yobs on several videos. The goverment prob think because the Aboriginal folk were kept compliant by cheap alcohol~It’ll work again by keeping the jabbed pissed.

  3. I can't believe this is Victoria / Australia now. Shit when l was a kid l loved jumping on the train going to the city and having a milkshake with the dukebox on the table. Now l never go to the city. Haven't been on a train in 40 years. Life is so depressing. Andrews has really screwed this state. People are treated like fools. I hope for my grandkids sake we get rid of this control freak. We need our life back. Surely all those imbeciles who believed him have now seen his true colours. He's so out of control. I can't believe his own party still listen to him. Hopefully many of them will loose there jobs next year. This bullshit has to stop.

  4. if i was there i would ask the channel 7 staff on why he doesnt feel disgraced that Aussie Cossack and Friendly Jordies has more subscribers than channel 7

  5. My jabbed associates are "terrified" to think they are a ticking time bomb!!!. 🚫
    They get mean because theyre AFRAID…to die prematurely….⚰

  6. Too little too late. Anyone else watched the class action lawsuit today against the Fed gov?? What a failure ! It's so sad not enough people care, same happened in Germany

  7. The messed up part about all of this is ~
    Everyone thinks that this is political.
    Everyone blames a political party.
    Thats absurd & they think they are Awake. 😕
    They are doing the same thing they are bitching about, Hating.
    It makes no sense.

    Know GOD ~ Know Truth
    Know GOD ~ No Fear
    Peace & Love to All

  8. Dan's lockout rules are illegal…..don't let him get his legislation accepted through the upper house
    Wow! Channel 7 letting us make comments….perhaps they have woken up that something is not quite right in Victoria
    Something is strange…where are all the protesters now that it is legal to protest
    Do they have restraining orders on them or something?

  9. MSM are absolute human dross 7, 9, 10, ABC, whatever ALL of them are as bad as the police cult and in a morally aligned world none of them would exist!