Neil Oliver: ALL manners of freedom are being eroded | Neil Oliver Live

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Neil Oliver: All manner of freedoms are being eroded. The simple freedom to jump in the car and go where we want looks set to be made a thing of the past.

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  1. So good. I've always said tax is a protection racket. 3 people in suits arrive at your business and suggest a percentage of your earnings or your business will be destroyed. That could be organised crime or tax officials.

  2. The thing is people are fearful for only so long, before that fear is replaced with anger. And I can see that anger starting. The ULEZ vandalism and the 15 min city bollard destruction is only the beginning. There's a storm coming and things will be short, sharp, VERY violent and exceptionally bloody.

  3. If we are in a simulation, when creating my avatar, I must have hit maximum when selecting the size of my stomach, and minimum when selecting the size of my… 😮 Brain. 😏🤪😂

  4. Once again Neil is on the money,and eventually the UK population will need to fill in forms and pay tax too take a dump. To be fair total control is worse in EU ,Belgian is almost a Liberal run police state.

  5. Here in the US it’s becoming increasingly obvious that believing we can vote our way out of this is simply wishful thinking. Active measures may be the only effective solution.

  6. Absolutely correct Neil, and we're reaching a boiling point. Either we change our governments, remove the monsters ruling us now, or we resign ourselves to living with a boot on our necks forever. As Patrick Henry said, before the Revolutionary War, "Give me liberty or give me death!"

  7. The test of your mind is how you responded to governments/mind who after your thoughts feed your thoughts believe about reasons cause doubts being your master with secular history being followed every century repeats with balance after one side dominates the others will cause balance by fear or anger, war and peace , sickness or healings everything is Imaginations that confuse or shadows play reality-based happenings you think isn't dreams of ONE I AM anything so what your mind birth thoughts fiction if to immpossible depends on your mind beliefs just seen and heard is required to respect with love or hate.

  8. Not sure what “men can be women” has to do with it and less sure why it’s the first thing he mentions. All the other stuff I can relate (more or less) but that bothers me. A lot.

  9. Spot on Neil, but isnt it mind blowingly depressing to have to point it out.. the hope is the people realize that it is they that have the power and not the so called governments. I once told someone that governments will prove themselves to be the biggest terrorists of all, and that has come to pass.

  10. I don't know much about how Brexit affected the UK but here in America Donald Trump broke the collective brains of the Democrat party and the main stream media. It is truly appalling to see how many people hate this one man more than they love their country.
    Much love from 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲.

  11. Neil, thats exactly what it is a protection racket and unfortunately the governments and the entire system are all part & parcel of the racket, which is basically an incorporated enslavement system for the masses around the world, they all work hand in hand sacrificing people in unecessary wars to further their funding via the military industrial complex and further their control over various nations of people through government control which is of course handed down to them by the world puppet master controllers, all major systems belong to the incorporated empire of control!

  12. Spot on Neil ,we are being duped on a massive scale.
    We are in a catch 22 ,as most people will only vote
    L or C …we need new blood ,but not enough people are awake
    .I'd vote ANYONE ,but L &C especially the debacle Labour just to get us out of the mire,if only enough people were awake and brave enough to give Reform a chance , people say they will not be any better,but I'm willing to take that chance and rid us of the same old ,same old

  13. It all happens only if we allow it to happen, everybody just say no if we all just said no to paying our taxes this would end overnight that is the reality united we stand divided we fall

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