Neil Oliver: All the neo-Liberal stooges are running scared now and for good reason.

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  1. Yes. The pleasure of watching a movie when the kids are wrapped up in bed and hubby and I are enjoying a glass of wine, is just a memory. I cannot bear to watch it either…for reasons we can talk about that anyone can see and then the more sick and twisted secrets which people can't.

  2. the USA isnt' a democracy, neither is the UK or most other places. They WANT to turn it all into one, because mobs are easy to rule with disinfo. We need to call it what it is, not use their terms and language. It only serves to obfuscate.

  3. True words Neil. I am South African and I am pleased to say, with all our faults over DECADES in this continent, more and more African leaders are saying an EMPHATIC NO to the U.S arrogance, lies, and hypocrisy as displayed worldwide. There are NO FREE LUNCHES with that lot. Only deceit "sold" under the banner of "democracy and rights." And I say it with respect and love to the many American friends I have. Fair minded, logic thinking folks who still have that RARE gift to call a spade a spade and see throught the BS….

  4. Funny he never mentions the Christian Nationalist Extremist politicians in America banning books, outlawing legal, excepted forms of healthcare. Attacking the least among the population. I'm a bit surprised he made it threw his hole speil without using the word woke even once. Maybe it's just me, but I think a sitting President of the United States that tried to overturn the results of an election is a bit more important than Hunter Bidens corruption.

  5. we are living in that dystopian nightmare, sadly over 60% of the population are praising the government response, Love him or hate him, Trump was the president we had to have, he broke the status quo, as the saying goes "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal" ('they' are trying hard to control it)Once you reduce human life to commodity/byline, we as a species are lost. I have said it before and so I will say it again, "All civilisations reduce themselves to their lowest common denominator" (many of whom, seem to get elected) we always do this, but we never seem to learn. All the past civilisations/empires get, self indulgent, fat, lazy, corrupt, self centered, less intelligent, under educated, highly sexualized, over reliant on others to "look after us", more government interference/control, less trusting/tolerant, the list goes on…………….then inevitable collapse, and "we" start again, "wash rinse repeat"

  6. Jesus did say use your double edged sword/tongue to speak the truth as the truth shall set you free.

    You can no more change your gender than you can change the climate of this or any planet. You are not God's.
    Jesus did say beware Scribe/Judges USURPERS who sit in Moses chair.

    Jesus warned us about the AntiGoylumites & these the climate change end times with the book of REVELATION & the cause with the 7 north stars of the PRECESSIOn of the equinoxes when earth's orbits cross through the magnetic equator of the Sun's Kuipers belt magnetic equator at the alpha omega equinoxes for a millennium years causing these the climate change end times. 1,000 years of peace if humanity accepts Jesus as their Christ/Messiah.

    These are just the birthing pains of the climate change END TIMES. Mother Earth's WATER won't break until the MOON pulls the earth's increased double torus magnetosphere OUT & around the planet east to west as in the days of Noah. The first of these will happen with the conjunction of Mercury-Venus-Moon- & Earth in 2033 & every 40 years thereafter for the 1,000 years it takes for the Earth's orbits to eclipse the kuipers belt of the Sun's Oort cloud magnetosphere, Jesus warned us to watch & prepare.

  7. It is extraordinary how naive you have been most of your life…

    If you’ve ever watched Yes Minister it tells you everything you need to know about sleazy politics.

  8. "They know it too". I found a great quiz that will tell you instantly if any person is aware of their mortality.
    Question: What is the 1st verse in the Bible?
    The 1st verse has never been proven wrong. God is the antidote the world needs. Believe it or not.
    But even those who dont believe. Know that 1st verse. Ask anyone who wants to argue that question.

  9. I love this guy.
    The venom in his voice and that East Scots accent.
    Love it, just like George Galloway.
    And their knowledge of history !!!°
    I hate the PC globalist establishment.
    They have contempt for the good traditional working class.

  10. Trans-humanism… do some research and let us know what you find out.

    We are also under the influence of the planet Pluto moving into a part of the sky in which it has not been for about 260 years (give or take). It stays in each sign for roughly 20 years and, the last time it was where it is now, is when the French revolution happened, as well as the US becoming a republic. May civil uprising be the order of the next 20 years, and may the people of our global community come out winners 🙏🏼

  11. These comments prove we the Public are more intelligent, morally and ethically more correct, know the difference between right and wrong and understand Hunanity better than these corrupted/ morally and ethically empty politicians/public sector decision makers/ bankers/media donkeys and the rich elites. A feel a revolution is coming to take back power from this evil cabal.

  12. 8:45 Neil says, " I was blind to what was going on for most of my life." That is true of me also. As horrible as the plandemic has been, I can honestly say I have benefitted from it, as I have now been awakened to the betrayal and corruption that permeats our daily lives.

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