Neil Oliver asks why we should be expected to sweep Covid hysteria under the rug?

Neil Oliver asks why we should be expected to sweep Covid hysteria under the rug?

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  1. For me, I also blame those who went along with the measures. After all, if the masses had said no to those measures then government would have buckled and the horrors would never have happened.

  2. I lost my entire life's saving and had to cash in my pension to keep my business going after a 95 % drop in sales.

    I don't want an amnesty for these lunatics, but trials and prison sentences.

    I want for people to wake up and understand that our country is systematically destroyed.

  3. After the vitriol i have experienced as an nhs nurse that refused the vaccine and the threat of losing my 20+ yr career for not towing the political/media line. I will not allow these zealots any amnesty, I see those people for what they are and will not forgive or forget.

  4. Damn Fkin right. I was accused of racism just because the totalitarian bigot that was trying to force me to Vax was black… Disgusting. We need a complete change of leadership and indeed this sickness in the heart is an indicator that human beings have a heart sickness. We need a change of heart and that means courage as well as compassion. You cna not have one without the either. Right now, we have narcisists feigning compassion and their cowardice is I visible to those with closed hearts.

  5. The governments, the media, the left, the woke, the terrified, the weak all had to Scream, Threaten, Advertise, Pay, Force, Bully and Mandate
    Their experimental wuhan injection Agendas.If this was safe, and it worked it would be have been automatically accepted, but it Was Not….

  6. I had 2 separate texts last night , 1 for booster 1 for flu jab . They even used my 1st name inviting me to go along to my gp and have them both. Then this morning I received a letter telling ME a women that has never had any covid jabs ME that did her research right at the start . I no more about the flu and viruses now then I ever did b 4 convid. The letter states if I get convid and the flu together I could end up in ICU ? Really that don't cut it 4 me. Nothing they tell me could possible change my mind . As I have said I did my research and if I could anyone could have. I'm just amazed during lockdown lies no 1 didn't. Question everthing that's how I was bought up . If it don't make sense then it's a LIE

  7. I actually don't think those clips are even funny . Looking back u can see how easy it was for HILTER to drip drip drip feed people into becoming unhuman. Murders millions and millions of murders . Believing in propaganda and lies. No its not funny and we must not forget and we must not let it happen again.

  8. A conversation in the park today.
    I got the jab because I wanted to travel.
    So the lack of safety data and adverse effects didn't concern you?
    Well you could get hit by a bus crossing the street.
    Are you not concerned about giving it to children when they are more at risk from the vaccines?
    Polio vaccine.
    Yes but that actually works and stopped transmission.

  9. They should there TRUE self's. If this had of been in past history we would of been hung drawn and quarterd. Burnt at the steak . Put into jails what ever punishment was around. So we are quite lucky its this time in history cause this will go down in history and these very people will be on the wrong side of it. They actually make me sick. Afaird of the flu. Actually where did the flu go during convid on its fving holidays after all its jabbed up

  10. How about all the money me/we were forced to spend on USELESS tests for travel? day 2 day 8? pre departure PCR ? costing hundreds of pounds for families who just wanted to visit their loved once?

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