Neil Oliver – ‘…coercion is coming down the line for us all… ’

‘…what they want are uneducated, unhealthy, unhappy, fearful people who are made compliant by their circumstances….’

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Written by Neil Oliver


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  1. Somehow my life has been directed to learn to garden, to value nature and the medicines nature gives us, to get an advanced degree in nutrition, to learn healing modalities of touch, and to understand the importance of tolerance and cooperation while being self-sufficient. These past two years has shown us that darkness resides in the shadows and we must outshine it by caring for each other but not becoming dependent on authoritarian governments.

  2. Bottom line the government doesn’t want ANYONE to be independent of government and their tentacles!! The Amish have inadvertently become a barometer of government over reach and any intrusion on the Amish by government bullies should be sounding the alarm for us all!!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I've been waiting for someone to point in this direction. The con artist Establishment are once again setting up the bait and switch. Tell us "it's for the environment," but actually it's opposite. Their plan is to replace Nature with technology. These people are all toxic narcissists and their followers are all easily manipulated, co-dependent do-gooders.
    I grew up in an extremely small village in rural New England in the U.S. My great grandparents and grandparents were highly self-sufficient (which means they were grounded, practical and skeptical of anything that hinted at bullshit) and actively engaged in their community, where neighbor supported neighbor. We've lost a sense of place, an experience of community and an embodiment of self. We're now adrift in an endless quest for distraction, novelty and entertainment; which are nothing more than futile attempts at quelling our deep, gnawing alienation from Nature, self and other. The establishment knows that ungrounded, lost people are easily manipulated. Everything they sell the masses via "convenience" and "security" is to enhance our alienation – and their control. Neil, you gotta check out Dr Gabor Mate, if you haven't already. Gabor is a straight talking, zero b.s. pioneer who gets to the root of what the Hell ails we humans. It's time to face this global crisis at the level of cause. Time to stop rearranging the furniture!

  4. The Netherlands! FFS One of the world’s most socially advanced countries!!!!Look at China, India or Indonesia? Source locally reduce carbon miles and buy according to your ethical values.

  5. Neil – all points well taken but that was not a polished performance. It was all "I think", "I'm not sure", "I don't know the ins and outs". You're better than that and you need to raise the bar for yourself, quote sources etc., and talk in definite, well-founded terms. You've got the platform and the respect. Don't get lazy. Just sayin'

  6. The government is after them because the government is their to help transfer wealth from the people to the corporations.

    When the farmers go bust, and go bust they will, who do you think them buys their farmers and then controls the worlds second largest export of food.

    And when you control that much food, what could you do with it to help push an agenda for other topics where your organization wishes to insert itself.
    When politician’s leave those roles, look at the groups they go to for a future careers? It’s the WHO and WEFs of this world.
    There is not much time to stop this, and unfortunately the small minority smart enough to see the approaching wave is not enough to raise any real actions to prevent harm

    It kind of reminds me when you see videos of tsunamis where there are people in the beach watching the watered house and being amazed and slightly excited to watch this strange phenomenon, whilst the people dither back with the video are screaming at them to run!! To get to safety knowing what’s coming. But just as in them cases, it’s likely already too late even if they had heard you.

    The stage is set, and the west will fall soon, and we have the left to blame for what comes next. When two of the lefts greatest fanatics George Orwell and Aldous Huxley warn you of the horrors that their side of politics could unleash on the world, you should of listened, but you didnt…

  7. They dont want us healthy and want small medium sized business closed so their mafia billionaire bosses will have all…Nearly all gov's are their puppet's…We are now run by the mafia that have managed to infiltrate governments

  8. Crocodile and Aborigines – either;

    1) use the boat with a motor and torches – AND A GUN; or
    2) use a traditional half log, moon and a spear.

    Don't chase it with modern vehicles, on a river lit up like Shanghai and then leave it tortured on a wooden spike!

    I thought they were supposed to be in tune with nature. Crocodiles are wise, knowing and some get very old.

  9. People need to wake up and stand together . I dont pretend to know how but we do have smart people . I dont believe that they are all crooks just most of them . I do believe that there is some HONEST DECENT. people who have ability to lead us .

  10. You'll own nothing, you'll eat the bugs and exist in a pod. That's their plan for all of us. Perhaps some hand picked ones will be allowed to scrub the feudal lord's toilets. Soon, there will be only one hope of survival. France, 1789 shows the way.

  11. One of our glob alists. g ovts favourite tools is… f amine by design, to try &. f orce societies to s ubmit to their ty ranny.
    Know your real en emy !
    Luc ifer mas qcarade's as a ang el of light, with his tenticles in everything.
    Dis tract, de ceive, div ide.
    He wants you to believe in everything & anything But Ch rist.
    If you don't put your h ouse in or der with Ch rist, the Only real sav iour.
    You will f all into the. glob alist trap.
    It doesn't matter so much …whether you acknowledge and b elieve we have a common en emy.
    This e nemy very much be lieves in you. And plans to dw ell in your heart. And lead you to per dition & eternal r uin. Dec eived by the l ure of earthly trinkets & s uccess & sta tus.
    These glob alists are s oulless servents of Luc ifer…. and cannot be rea soned w ith.
    W e are just a res ource/product, to use, ex ploit & exhaust.
    These people d on't want you to kn ow you were crea ted for G od.
    That this l ife is the t esting ground, to learn the importance… That choosing Ch rist & the. tr uth
    is the very reason, the very p urpose for this l ife, and the w ay & road to eter nal happiness.
    Our G od & Crea tor gave us All fr ee wi ll, and he will never f orce anyone to ch oose him
    When we give our consent to f ear m ungerers and e vil policy & l aws, of those in oppersition to Christ & the truth. That we should have …in good cons cience cond emned and refu sed to partic ipate in their e vil agenda's & programs.
    We emp ower the en emy.
    And we blindly c ut oursel ves off from Ch rist, grace and the tr uth… pushing G od away.
    We become vun erable and w eak, unable to recog nise the light of t ruth, from the fal se light.
    We need to accept we haven a f allen n ature, that we are w eak, and have much need of Chr ist.
    This is true hu mility.
    The Mother of Ch rist is a shining example in h umility & p urity, a champ ion to imitate.
    Luc ifer over inf lates, plays up to… human feeling/emotion, desire and human abilities…. to have us f all into the pr ide & sel f love tra p. Having us believe we know better & don't need G od.
    Luc ifer & his servents in this world, se cretly c reate divi sion div ide & con quer.
    Our L ords message of tr uth, has been spread throughout the whole earth.
    Our L ord has given us all the tools & means, to s ave our s ouls, to rea lise we can not do it on our o wn.
    Through his C atholic church & doc trine, comman dments, Scrip ture, faithfully handed down customs and rituals.
    The faithfully handed down instru ctions, testifying & confir ming Chr ist… of the Church Fath ers, and the martyr's testimonies & sacrafice's.
    ( Not the apos tate Vati can ll Novus Ordo/new order church of m an )
    Every time we turned a b lind eye, remained si lent in the face of tr uth, broke G od's l aws.
    We pushed G od out.
    Empow ering e vil people.
    The trib ulation is now upon us. And must r un its cou rse. The e vil must be punis hed.
    G od wills that no s oul be lost in per dition, but receive ete rnal happiness in the next l ife.
    If we don't choose Chr ist & the tr uth now… we will fast find ourselves ens laved in the en emy camp. The fre edom to ch oose, having been removed. As we have already cho sen, by cons enting to what we should have cond emned & run from !

  12. It is refreshing to hear the truth as distinct from the lies we are told by the mainstream media and many politicians. It strikes me that politicians and media are doung the bidding of Gutarres, Schwab and von der Leyen and pursuing their sinister globalist agendas. Irish farmers are hugely efficient and produce very high quality food but are about to be hammered by the government and its overlords. This is all part of the green agenda which is based on a huge lie, designed to control the people. We need to stand up to this tyranny and I think this is starting. I fully support the protesting farmers against this over reach.

  13. control the food, control the people. "THEY" want the people to revolt, Klaus has already said, "be prepared for angry people" the plan is already in place. The people will revolt against their governments and the UN/WEF will step in to protect us all… one world government.

  14. It is worth a moment to notice that 75% of our atmosphere is made of nitrogen. Banning nitrogen is the equivalent of banning the atmosphere. How do people buy into this?

  15. Hear hear Neil, thoroughly enjoyed this video and I too have been watching what's happening in the developed world. The world has become a scary place but I trust my Spiritual Faith to see me through life's challenges. I refuse to be terrorised by MSM and will fight to hold on to my individuality. I feel for the farmers who just want to do their job and work the land. Governments shouldn't be allowed to dictate what a farmer does with his land. We must claim back our autonomy before we lose it forever.

  16. Nitrogen is NOT emitted into the environment (air) it is absorbed by the soil from the defecate and urine of pigs and cows is then spread (muck spreading) upon the fields to fertilise the soil and restore what a previous crop had taken from it.

    There by enabling the growth of the next growth if the next crop.

    This is a cycle where chaff, crop and stalks are used within the farm its animals and ultimately return back to the field from where they once came as fertiliser rich on nitrogen.

    It's the publics lack of understanding of what fertiliser is and weak awareness that nitrogen is not only a gas but also solid and liquid.

    Like carbon dioxide is a gas but carbon is not only a gas but also solid and liquid.

    Without nitrogen crops fail to produce enough yield to supply in sufficient quantity to be financially purposeful or of sufficient quantity to sustain populations.

    Where is the outcry about ukraines nitrogen use? Ukraine us supposedly the world grain hopper, their use of nitrogen will be significantly larger than any country, but no mention of their nitrogen use.

    It's all lies and half truths or misdirection of facts, leading a false understanding of how farming works or why nitrogen is needed or what state the nitrogen is in and how that changes the whole argument.

  17. I never bought into the narrative, I didn't get the jabs. I buy pastured fed and finished beef and chicken products, they are sustainable farmers in our Southern region. I also buy pastured fed chicken eggs, the farmer has cattle which are grass fed they get moved on then chooks move into that paddock and feast on all the insects etc. I hope they can keep being able to farm without government interference. I want to eat clean healthy food, not the products that are contaminated with processed feed such as soy bean meal and canola meal. Thank you for your honesty and I fervently pray that the farmers across the world can stop the takeover of their land. Cheers Rosemary Perth Western Australia (71 yrs)

  18. If the governments of the world control all the food production and sales they can force us into a new monetary system and thusly into the mark of the beast.

  19. fishing ,foraging,hunting…simply growing food..types of tress ..fungii,berries,trees….something as simple as pine needle tee….you..we and the land are one…its simple

  20. A FB "friend"—ex hippie, childless woman, bitter w2 cats, about 10 years older once said "he deserves it," when I posted an article about some guy in Florida who was being fined out of his home. His "crime" was that he was collecting rainwater from his roof.
    He was being environmentally responsible.
    That was well over ten years ago.
    I knew then for sure what I always suspected the game plan was: a planetary human zoo. A truly fascist Disneyland.

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