Neil Oliver: Covid has been used to green light the revolution those in power had in mind

Neil Oliver: Whatever Covid is, or was, it has been used to green light the revolution those in power had in mind.

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  1. Yeahp, you are absolutely right…!!! These tyrants are lying for years and years, but the gullible idiotic and uneducated masses keep on believing them
    and happily keep on voting on these woke communists and their minions, the Greenies and the Environmentalist terrorists…!!

  2. Neil Oliver, you are one courageous gentleman! Please could you do a few videos on steps we, the people, can and should take now. The big bold steps are well as all the simpler steps for those with less ability, confidence or means, to combat the evil being done to us and to restore sanity and humanity to our civilisation. It would certainly help if people could feel less fearful and more empowered. Otherwise the doom and gloom will just render us all defeated even before we truly are.

  3. premeditated theft is exactly right. the people need to band together and stop these criminals. and the very least, don't let them lay a hand on your property.

  4. Just so you know I see really extreme weather. In the 1990s I started seeing 1 in 50 or 75 year events. Then in the 2000s it was 1 in 100 or 150 year but now the events are 1 in 500 year events.

  5. Re Neil Oliver. I dislike this because although there is a lot of truth in what he says, he is spreading even more fear to the fear he is criticising whilst not offering any solutions. The psyche of Humanity has to change and that is up to all of us to take some responsibility Helen

  6. Born in sin Neil you forget.take the oil out of your car what's the outcome. Notice the volcanic activity lately. Them tectonic plates grinding producing more lava simple math man. 😆

  7. Where is Dr. N.O.s proof that the people are paying for green energy by paying increased energy bills? Please think about this: The use of the term.
    "People´s money, when speaking about takes. When you get paid by your Co. and you go out and buy a car that uses a lot of gas. Can your Co.
    say, "You are spending our money on a,"gas guzzler"? NOOOO. Our taxes support what our Govts decide to spend it on, from roads and bridges to security,
    weapons, Etc.

  8. MORTGAGES ACTUALLY NO LONGER CONSTITUTIONALLY EXIST, in any country where property's status is Norman rooted. But the case so has been ignored by the media and by all the big housing charities for 26 years, though they have never offered any refutation of the reasons why it is true. courtchangewordpresscomslashsecurity-of-tenture

  9. so, so sad to be losing respect for you. You're the last person I would have thought would see a pandemic politically & as a conspiracy theory. 😢
    and as for climate change… wow, just wow. Have you always been a conspiracy theorist & I just haven't seen it until now? I'm so disappointed in you.

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