Neil Oliver – ‘…no leader and their government is above the law…’ – Podcast episode 33

In this episode Neil unfolds a profound document that helped shape rights, freedoms & history around the world.

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Written by Neil Oliver


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  1. This was a key document in saying that the monarch was to serve the people and govern for them, not only over them. Unfortunately, forces now want to restrict our rights and freedoms and we have to be ready to stand up for them. It is time for some particularly vital 'maintenance' as Neil said. Are we going to be vigilant or will we be brainwashed like the sleepwalking WOKE?

  2. I would like to show this part to our people here in Canada, but where is the transcript, your description of how to maintain our freedoms, are said so much better than I do I get a transcript..

  3. What law?? They pay no attention or regard for laws. Laws are just window dressing, just pretence, just theatre. They do as they please for their pockets. The entire civilization runs on lies on deceit on fraud on exploitation on destruction.

  4. Not true Neil. Canada's Prime Minister is above Canadian law and has proven so several times. The only Prime Minister with three ethics convictions. He meddled with the judiciary and is still in office.

  5. Always love to take some time away from all the madness, division and pessimism and to listen to your dulcet tones, regaling us with tales from history.
    I’ve learned so much from your “Love Letters to the British Isles”!!
    Thank you so much!!

  6. Look out for when the lambs turn into lions, and with the queen now gone (god bless) it time for either a republic or a modern version of a lord protector (Cromwell) are you up for the job ?

  7. Dear Neil, I hope you are seeing this.
    Things are moving fast now. Biggest discovery for me has been Derek Johnson a US veteran who explains EVERYTHING about what really is going on behind the scenes. It's mind blowing. Only for the brave hearted and freedom lovers.

  8. Good work sir ,, i do feel if we the bottom and middle classes unite the government will shoot us dead in the streets,, they are pulling the middle classes down as we speak. How do we help ourselves and our neighbors

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