Neil Oliver on ONS figures which show an alarming rise in the rate of non-Covid excess deaths

‘I think we have only made matters worse by the way in which we intervened as a species with this [Covid-19 pandemic].’

Neil Oliver joins Dan Wootton to discuss ONS figures which show an alarming rise in the rate of non-Covid excess deaths.

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  1. Many ordinary people I speak to have been shaken by the Government and Media handling of INFORMATION on Covid .
    Covid has made us all into conspiracy theorists…. which is a good thing ! Funny old world.

  2. This will happen again. Society is motivated by fear, and people in power will use fear to gain status, power, and wealth. We need to MAN-UP, up, and stop being driven by fear into destroying ourselves and our individual liberties.

  3. What do you expect when people were frightened into staying away from GP surgeries and Hospitals by main stream media and the political classes. Don't see any daily statistics being broadcast on this daily. A lot of politician's, news organisations, and so called scientists should be very very ashamed!!!

  4. The fact that the covid interventions have had the net effect of making things much worse is becoming more and more obvious with hindsight. However, those interventions were initially proper and prudent. The authorities knew beforehand that this virus was Not natural. They had no way of knowing how the infection and pandemic would progress. For multiple purposes, including their own protection, they enacted the course of action, the results of from which, we are now all suffering.

  5. Hello. Im an NHS doctor. I can let you know, any excess deaths are linked to a litany of things but not to vaccination. Are you aware that even a mild covid infection causes significant long term organ damage? So a covid case in january could wipe you out in August.

  6. C'mon guys, this was all part of the plan. You think these WEF guys are that one dimensional? Covid, the financial crisis, the excess deaths, all part of the masterplan.

  7. We were all shouting this out loud and clear early 2020 and now here it is!!!!!
    Our governments created this problem and we are now seeing what they have done.
    To ignore the jabs being a cause for this cannot be overstated.

  8. Despair is the only word that springs to mind ; the spell under which the vast majority are held continues without an end in sight ! Thank God if you have been blessed with the gifts of awakening and enlightenment !

  9. Alarming news, Its time the vaccinated started talking to the unvaccinated about their current health, We are the control group at this point, I doubt we will see a study into this any time soon, respectfully we need to start to help each other, as if something is wrong here, you guys need to know now…

  10. For anyone looking to avoid "virus". A virus has to exist first. And there is no institution (over 200 contacted) anywhere in the world that has proven the exitance of "virus". None.

    Reference: Christine Massey

    She even asked one , "has any virus that has been claimed to exist, ever been isolated or purified?" Answer. "NO".

  11. They want to kill us, they did all along, but the difference was that in 2020-21 they abandoned bad diet, drink, sugar, drugs, cigs, etc. in favour of a more, er, "proactive" approach

  12. The thing is these Politicians,Health Bureaucrats and the MSM have gone so far down the rabbit hole that they can't turn back without getting egg on their collective faces and so they double down.

  13. We intelligent people (I’m afraid I include myself in that number by default) predicted this as early as March 2020, before it had really kicked off. It was obvious to anyone with a few grey cells.

  14. Every time a government involves itself, it fucks it up. Look at the 2008 financial crisis: they should have let more companies go to the wall, natural selection. We’re still paying for this now and will,for,decades.

    So when covid arrived, just another mild illness, of,course the same thing would happen.

    Spend 2 minutes listening to,Thomas sowell, he has it down straight: government fuck everything up.

  15. 'In a sane world, all those responsible for perpetrating the big lie would face jail time'. Indeed so. All politicians who spoke of aggressive measures, chairmen of big companies (Brawler et al), doctors who did not inform their patients of the risks, media actors, police officers who enforced the lockdowns. The list is long.

  16. The end result would be better? Are you kidding man? For an educated man that's a pretty uneducated perspective. Your word against the word of literally tens of thousand of medical professionals, epidemiologists, virologists, and a host of other "ologists" and yet you offer your opinion as such? The audacity is mind boggling. And those who take your word as gospel here is even more disturbing. Come on people, why do you focus on OPINIONS? Three years in and you buy this? The word of Oxford, Yale, Harvard, Mayo, Johns-Hopkins…the faculties of medicine world wide easily contest this narrative in this video yet the drama and the fact that people are simply "tired" of the pandemic…they'll slurp up this crap.
    Shame people. Shame. Do you only want to believe what is convenient or what won't inconvenience your life?
    Sorry Neil. You're just wrong here.
    I've lost respect for Neil Oliver. His documentaries on other topics were excellent but he's out of his depth on this issue.
    Remember people, OPINIONS are not necessarily facts. Look at FOX News or OAN, or Rumble in the U.S. All crap. All simply angry opinion.
    The world is in trouble with these people. As an atheist I'd still say…God help us.

  17. I work with a guy who's married to a nurse.
    He doesn't have a clue and pushes misinformation all day, he ignores any evidence to the contrary.

    Blood on their hands.

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