Neil Oliver – ‘…they are stealing the truth from us?’

‘….if you think you’re going mad, there’s good reason…’

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Written by Neil Oliver


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  1. If you search for a Guardian article of all things entitled ‘UK military turns to universities to research psychological warfare’ you will find a story of a leak whereby the Ministry of Defence sought to enlist Cambridge to help the MOD to use the ‘targeted manipulation of information’ on U.K. domestic and internal defence audiences, amongst other things.

    Previously though, as we know, David Cameron set up the Behavioural Insights Team aka Nudge Unit in 2009 or so, exposing the help of Nudge author Cass Sunstein.

    Cass Sunstein, only a year previously, had written a paper entitled ‘Conspiracy Theories: Their Causes and Cure’ along with Adrian Vermuele.

    In that paper, Sunstein advised that governments ought to infiltrate those places where ‘conspiracy theories’ flourish with the aim of cognitively steering those groups into supporting the actions of government.

    So, even though all these modern shenanigans are entirely obviously (to some) complete bull, their obvious nature may simply be a ruse to wind us all up for the eventual revelation of the TRUE plan and governments don’t mind sacrificing people along the way. “The ends justify the means” as one of their heroes once stated.

    Take a look at the Q movement for instance, working in cahoots with the charismatic Trump. Followers of Q which, whether you like it or not, is an expertly executed governmental Psychological Operation cult, unironically wish to see the US Military impose martial law on the United States after rounding up ‘the bad guys’ – as though both sides of this pantomime aren’t all bad guys.

    Psalm 146:3 gives the sound advice we should all be following.

    Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.

    Bleak though it may seem, what Neil says about the political parties and the MSM is completely true. But also beware of the Alt Media too, for they also exist by government decree and only to keep you from the truth.

    Take GB News as an example. They say the right things? Echo your thoughts? They constantly have Peter Tatchell on and never question him on his age of consent remarks. He is treated as though all he represents is the voice of LGBT activism whereas they KNOW full well that he is of an evil ilk when it comes to children and consent laws.

    See how they shield him from scrutiny by having him in plain sight, even arguing against his points, but deflect from his actual secret motives?

    Put not your trust in princes, not in the son of man, in whom there is no help.

    I wonder if this comment will survive..

  2. Isn't everybody just sick n tired of how this scum are treating us, fed up with all of it. There's no way out, left right up down, their all controlled by the same strings. Can't we all down tools & strike. Stop the money wheel. demand better, fairer, before we're just thrown aside, duck tape over our mouths, protest & free speech has gone. What's left a strike or a revolution.

  3. Allowed to talk about it now because parliament had a discussion about the petition for an inquiry into the link between Myocarditis and the experimental injections.
    Doesn't look like they are in the mood for an inquiry.
    Never forget.
    Never Forgive.

  4. Yes Neil, here in the States, the gaslighting by the evil Biden regime and their ministers of propaganda – mainstream media – is absolutely out of control like a runaway freight train…After 7 years of meticulously following politics all I can gather is that human nature via lust for power and money is rampant REGARDLESS of race, color, religion, caste, class….EVERYONE involved is rotten to the core!

    I don’t know what it will take to right this sinking ship?

    30 years ago a wise man said something to me that at the time didn’t resonate with me then, but now, it’s as apropos as anything I’ve ever learned – “The hardest thing to do is be an honest man”

  5. It true or not, do media get there info from reuters all the same sources On the other hand, someone said to me 20 years ago they hated the kitten story with firemen at the end of news and he thought it was spappy and fluffy and unnecessary; i disageee i liked some cheer, i can separate the two emotion in my mind it occured to me that this showed , maybe a inabilty to understand contraddiction or even binary concepts . So as now i feel sad for the binary nature of organisation principles, he found it difficult to mix sad fear danger ie " bad" with any other concept "" good saved kitten happy owner, an obviously frivolous story but part of the humanity nevertheless '
    A very complex situation, for me a small point of cheer is after 20 years , politics is being discussed by people like yourself, and i can give my 2 cent, before my 2 cent wasn't wanted, i love cents pennys ad tuppence 💛love and peace everyone ❤ 💖 💗

  6. The 'truth' is transient depending on which media one watches, the problem is the pro vax groupies will not talk to 'anti- vaxxers' that means any one with half a brain. On GB News only Neil and Mark Steyn are willing to talk about forbidden topics.

  7. Neil is as usual so insightful; the question is 'what do we do about it?'. We can't just sit and take it; there must be millions of us world-wide who feel the same. I know from my own friends and family that it is so hard to convince them that there are other sides to the news we hear. Sadly many people feel some sort of comfort from only having 'one truth'.

  8. Almost 3 years down the track where we have known about the affects on the heart and these pushers of death are now investigating ? Putting the cart before the horse wouldn't you say ? So when the penny drops will big Pharmaceutical finally come out and pay compensation and restitution to the injured and dead ?
    They will be kicking and screaming all the way me thinks.

  9. I'm not sure 'truth' was ever independent of the powers-that-be. Ulysses was written a hundred years ago, and you may recall the scene in which the ale drinkers are lamenting the injustice done to someone convicted of a crime of which he was clearly innocent… and Joyce (a master of style if ever there was one) responds not by means of counter-argument but by lapsing into a parody of deep officialese, recounting how, "on the sixteenth day of the month of the oxeyed goddess and in the third week after the feastday of the Holy and Undivided Trinity… the virgin moon being then in her first quarter, it came to pass that those learned judges repaired them to the halls of law… to the solemn court of Green street… where twelve good men and true were conjured by Him who died on rood that they should well and truly try and true deliverance make in the issue joined between their sovereign lord the king and the prisoner at the bar and true verdict give according to the evidence so help them God… And they rose in their seats, those twelve of Iar, and they swore by the name of Him who is from everlasting that they would do His rightwiseness…"

    And so on. The passage makes clear, through language alone, without resort to argument, that whatever logic might decree–and notwithstanding learned opinions expressed about guilt or innocence, right and wrong in any pub–this was official truth, the truth that was going to prevail. Epistemologically, has anything changed? We can sound off on the internet all we like, but 'truth' now issues from Joe Biden's press secretary and the State Department, gets officially recorded for posterity by The Washington Post and The New York Times, and doesn't dialogue with dissenters.

  10. The truth is, the MSM are Satanic. Jesus is truth, God is truth. Truth matters a great deal. Jesus defeated Satan with the truth. Jesus overcame death with truth. People are living in darkness (lies). Truth is light. Truth is Life. Don't be decieved. Jesus made up for Adams fall. God's got your back. Regarding our nations affairs and global affairs especially we must speak the truth. Narratives arn't necessarily truth. 'You'll have Truth and be much happier'. Truth is Salvation. Do you crave it? Those they don't are spiritually dead. Those that have a thirst for truth are spiritally alive. Stay in the light which is the truth. Thank you Neil.
    Merry Christmas!

  11. of course they are… people are quite stupid./naive/terrified… bada bing…..but of course they have been primed to be stupid and addited to corporate owned and corporate programmed 'Media' for a couples of decades now….that has been happening since March 17 2020…this is a world Coup….not a Con or a Covid…don't understand how people don't see right through ALL of this Horseshit…sheeple believe whatever is on the news…and when they have been arrested and muzzled in 3 days for years….the Elite have hem running scared…and rightly so…economic cleansing…a slaughter of the working class…no longer needed …Touche' Oligarchy….the sheeple were terrified and that was the INTENT….this is the NEW WAR….ECONOMIC SLAUGHTER…

  12. Its so big brother and the mainstream media are not only complicit but the driving force of all narrative. Nothing has changed since thalidomide. Release dangerous products to market, deny the harm, gaslight victims then admit responsibility later, then nothing in place to ensure this never happens again and repeat. The difference between then and now is we had actual investigative journalists and a near free press until Murdoch came on the scene at the Times. I've been against vaccines since my son regressed into autism and that has been one huge cover up they will never admit to.

  13. There is only ONE truth. BIG PHARMA is guilty along with politicians, health advisors, police, judges and anyone else
    who said they were safe. They ALL will be dragged before the PEOPLE's COURTS and their sentences will be handed down.

  14. We are just in one of those historic times of darkness.. go your own ways and set good examples for others, care for your neighbor and communities, as this too shall pass – we are greater than this is made to appear 👐

  15. LOL we were bombarded 'front page top of' with daiiy dodgy numbers of deaths of elderly and sick from …wait for it…Covid…..AND frantic warnings about future deaths a comin' yet if I want to find out about very disturbing excess deaths of HEALTHY people happening NOW I need to do some detective work

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