Neil Oliver – ‘…they’re acting in concert with each other…’

…for many, the notion that any of the political parties have our best interests at heart has gone up in smoke’
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Written by Neil Oliver


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  1. 1984- Why was my comment about the Ukrainian NAZIS bombing the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant removed and why is there an msm blackout about this ?. There is no longer any truth, never mind freedom of speech allowed ANYWHERE in the west. And you idiots complain about China and those ‘poor Uighur’ terrorists ?. Russia rule🇷🇺☦️, Ukraine ZIONAZIS are going to hell.

  2. Those that believe Covid was a germ
    That masks help health in some way . That mass produced masks are in some way safely manufactured.
    Those that dont see the huge profits the multitude of lies .
    The people who lost livelihoods.
    — Research who paid the biggest criminal fine in history. —

  3. Absolutely, no left and right, they were in Unison, they are all the same, would all do the same… allowed to do the same. The idea that they have any autonomy is nonsense. There is no one to vote for !!!

  4. I came to that realisation in 2019 and the whole covid escapade has only deepened my conviction that there is no democracy. We are ruled by a Cabal. Vanguard/BlackRock, if you like. Any politician wanting office will have to be corruptible and corrupted. Anyone with a shred of decency will be summarily removed, however popular they are, or if the media machine fails, then they will disappear in some other way. Anyone who thinks voting makes a scrap of difference, hasn't been paying attention. If it did, we wouldn't be allowed to do it. It's a sham. Our only option now, is to start again, not look for heroes, but just each other. Any "hero" would end up "crucified". But it's quite hard to crucify thousands. Not impossible – just harder.
    I love the Narnia Chronicles. I read them to my boys when they were young. That and (before the movies) Tolkein. Not a bad diet for kids. Thanks Neil.

  5. The political “left” 🖐🏽 and the political“right” 🤚🏼 are actually both working in concert, both parts of the same GLOBALIST, NWO, “Zero Carbon ” pushing, Marxist, totalitarian – body.

  6. It is a battle of good and evil, but only the same battle between good and evil that started when single-celled lifeforms began to eat each other. For a gazelle, there is a daily battle between the good of the green grass, and escaping the evil of the lion (lionesses) trying to eat them. Today, predatory humans have evolved to prey on us not for meat, but for our resources. Using cunning, guile and camouflaged in plain site, like the tiger to its prey, only their camouflage is more subtle than stripes – it's whatever we dont recognise as dangerous. As it must be, otherwise we would kill them, we are far more numerous. And capable of acting in unison, often by the unifying means known as religious belief.

  7. Almost like the great reset caused the great awakening.
    Good hearted honest content as normal.
    A man of the people for the people.
    We should sack 95% of government and just vote directly on policies for ourselves.

  8. The very best state to be in is to have the scales fall from your eyes. Yes, it's sometimes painful, but while we remain in illusion we can't work to change ourselves or anyone else. My moment of enlightenment was after the Brexit vote when I witnessed the government and large numbers of ordinary people prepared to traduce the democratic process because the outcome of the referendum didn't suit them. They seemed oblivious to the logic, that if the democratic vote of a majority can be overthrown because the outcome is not to their liking, then the exact same thing can happen to them if a referendum outcome DID happen to suit them.

    Added to this we saw the prevarications, obfuscations, lies and dirty tricks of May's government vowing to complete Brexit while doing everything in their power to wreck it. At that moment I realised that democracy in the UK was a sham; a Potemkin Village. But now I can work with that. I'm no longer labouring under a misapprehension. The same applies to the health authorities in both the UK and USA. The last thing they have is our best interests at heart.

    We can only navigate to a new location if we know where we start out. Living in illusion means you don't really know where you are. You may think you're in Brighton when in fact you're in Huddersfield. That makes it very much more difficult to plan a journey. So be happy that so many lies are being exposed. It's like washing a fat-encrusted pan after cooking a meal. At first the mix of water, soap and grease forms a disgusting mess. But soon it washes away and a clean shiny pan is the result.

  9. You are spot on. I think you missed the extent that folks are still obedient to the handlers as they see that as the “salvation”. ESG thinking is just one example, I have tried to talk with folks and they just don’t understand the fallacy and will not until they cannot get their personal energy needs met. Mass indoctrination from the “education” system.

  10. So beautifully and eloquently stated Neil. You are a master of storytelling, without hype, sensationalism or fear mongering. I could listen to your concise analogies and the stories of old that align with our current human experiences today all day long.

    I am sure your calm and non judgemental call to reflect and acknowledge each of our individual purpose will have opened many eyes, ears and hearts of those who may be lost in their own emotional wilderness.

    Thank you for being one of the trusted hero's delivering the truth of such a sad adventure through this life in the special way that you do, inviting love, light, and much hope to many ❤️
    See you on the other side ❤️

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  12. No compliance from me …its my state of mind.
    Nobody is able to guilt me or coerse me.

    I am not rich financially …but by GOD …my mind is critically strong and has NEVER been compromised.

    When you see it and know it …its impossible NOT to see it and know it.

    Faith is my saviour xxx

  13. We need a 1930s attitude, ruthless, determined, visionary, only one culture can rule, can dictate, keep those in their place…we therefore need this great person to rise up and repatriate, replace masses from whence they came as messy and maybe controversial as it appears ..its the only answer

  14. that stark realization was there (for some) right from the start; for others it has taken the last couple of years to recognise the lack of clothes.
    betrayed is right – "3 weeks to flatten the curve" … how many future decades to put to bed? … or for man-in-the-mirror "following orders" introspection?
    i guess we will find out (in due time) …. but one thing is for certain: there will be no apologies or humility by those that orchestrated this manure show. they will not care.

  15. Wonderful share. Those who like me have been called crazy or selfish for not believing in the system. Are finding many are now experiencing the same. The term 'The Great Reset' is being used not only by WEF and politicians but also Spiritual people. There is this desire to keep the status quo of division and separation. Alongside those who are Waking up to this being artificial and part of a dysfunctional narcissistic addictive system. Many are waking up to realising the 'convenient way' of living has domesticated the soul and heart out of living in a healthy sustainable way. There is an alternative to the old system. And this alternative is possible. And is being created by so many of us now coming together who previously would not have felt we had anything in common.

  16. There was a flood, and a man sheltered on top of his house, stranded, waiting for rescue. He called out to God to rescue him. A neighbor came by in a small rowboat, and told him there was room in the boat, and the man said, "never mind, God will rescue me." The neighbor contacted the coast guard, who sent out a bigger boat; the man replied again that God would rescue him. The same happened again when a rescue helicopter came through.
    Finally, the man fell off the roof in his hunger and weakness, and he drowned.
    When he got to Heaven, God met him at the gates, and asked him, why did you let all the rescuers pass you by? I sent you a boat; I sent you the coast guard; I even sent you a helicopter. Why did you refuse my help??

    The vaccine was your helicopter. God trusts me to use what He gives me, and I do.

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