Neil Oliver – ‘…they’re herding us towards mass conformity….’

‘…how green is the green future they’re promising?’

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Written by Neil Oliver


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  1. There was an episode of BLACK MIRROR where the population sat on bicycles on peddled all day.
    They earned 'credits' by peddling harder but the credits only allowed you to purchase 'stuff'.
    Every aspect of their life controlled and the only way out to a better life off the bike was to display 'a talent' to be the entertainment for the upper classes who didn't need to peddle.
    Black Mirror is a great show. Mind bending look to our future perhaps?

  2. Yes there is a lot of copper ore in the ground and it's very expensive to melt it out of the rock.
    Did you know in Nevada there is gold ore in the ground and all you have to do is melt it out of the rock.

  3. For your info, not all wires are made of copper. They also use aluminum as conductors , in North America, much of the individual hook ups for just about all houses use al wires. They are cheaper and lighter than copper. As to herding us to conformity, is that the elephant in the room you just noticed??!! A decades ago or more? we heard of a law passed in England to conform with your neighbors. Do you conform? that is up to the local police and are you a member of the elite. British laws and culture had tainted a half dozen other countries like Canada , Au NZ and they really showed their ugly faces in the BS Covid lock down what is next, climate or monkey pox lock down and mandatory vax??

  4. 2030, how interesting, so Starmer has joined the same gang as Biden, Boris and now Truss, won't mention the name of the gang or it's greedy boss, keep illuminating Neil, resistance isn't futile.

  5. Another way to think about this problem is to know that various places in the world have varying energy needs and lend themselves to various energy resources. For example Iceland generates almost 80% of its energy from geothermal. But other places in the world might not be able to do the same. Some places can only use fossil fuels. What I see is a management problem. If we use, as consumers, whatever energy we access in a less wasteful manner and we use the cleanest energy that is available, we might be able to mitigate the problem better. IMHO one size does not fit all. I think that has been our biggest problem- that we pushed fossil fuels to everyone everywhere.

  6. It is not green and it will not be inexpensive. It is the opposite. And dangerous!! Yet, the system is so good at defining things and propaganda since they have so many in their pocket. They are even changing definitions lately.😝 One of the latest here in the U.S. is what they are calling the "Inflation Reduction Act" Seriously😅🤣😅🤣 I recently saw a long thread of how copper is mined. It is a long long long process and it includes fossil fuels.

  7. Well….. reading it has not cheered me up but it was valuable in educating me in several respects. For example, I was totally ignorant of the copper mining going on in Wales four thousand years ago. THAT shocked me.
    I suppose the moral is, make do, mend, re-use, recycle, do without. I tend to do that, being a parsimonious type.

  8. I seem to recall being taught that tin was exploited in Cornwall and shippid to the Mediterranean to be used for making alloys before the Romans arrived ….. am I misleading myself ?

  9. No one really cares for anyone's life.
    We sit here and complain about everything BUT do nothing. Palestine and Israel have been killing eachother for what is it now close to 60 years, has anyone done anything about that situation?
    What about the disgusting way so called 1st world countries STILL for how many hundreds of years exploit Africa and it's citizens? No one cares do they?
    Now we are complaining becuse we think we are free? What freedom have you lost compared to a family that was blown up for a war that only the government wants to have?
    And we sit here watching our free to view content with out water and electricity, waiting for eachother do do something rather than do it ourselves.
    We are all whimps at the end of the day, just a bunch of complaining babies is what we are with the solution only in thought.

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