Neil Oliver – ‘…they’re pretending like it never happened’

‘….the west’s leaders are all delivering the same script….’

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Written by Neil Oliver


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  1. The script is being written by a public relations firm called SKDKicckerbocker..I believe.. because the FARA filings I have found show it represents Ukraine and writes Zelensky's speeches..Theere is a principle in SKDKickerbocker, Anita Dunn, who is a devotee of Chairman Mao.. she was Obama's Director of Communications and we repealed the Smith Mundt Act which prohibited propaganda be targeted at civilians…Aniita Dunn's husband was White House Counsel under Obama and he comes out of the law firm Perkinns Coie which is at the core of the Russia collusion hoax. Both Dunn and another former SKDKnickerbocker Managiing Director, Hilary Rosen are founders of Time's Up Foundation which is in the business of manufacturing accusations of all sorts to level against men.. they represented Amber Heard… all of what we have gone through in the West is similar to Mao's Cultural Revolution complete with struggle sessions and public humiliation.

  2. This is why we need Napoleon. The man they put in charge can defy them and give the word to the people and a force will sweep over the globe like no army ever even conceived of.

  3. It’s time to start major protests outside of police stations and army barracks. Get the police on our side and the army. Who do you think they’re going to call on for martial law. Call them out before they do it.

  4. They have all been through Soros' school. He even boasts that he has infiltrated all the major Governments with his proteges. This deception has been going on for decades.

  5. The real rottenness was built in already with George Orwell and his hope for a democratic egalitarian future. This result has merely led to dumbing down and the swindling of the general masses who believe the elite BS – especially Orwell's profession of democratic socialism which has disarmed the masses' ability to think. Build Back Better is the end result of this – coupled to the Frankfurt School.

  6. As an ancient greek philosopher once stated:
    "Those who tell the hi/stories rule society" – Plato

    «Αυτοί που λένε τις ιστορίες κυβερνούν την κοινωνία» – O Πλάτων

    «Aftoí pou léne tis istoríes kyvernoún tin koinonía» – O Pláton

  7. This is called cognitive dissonance! Many people in power do this and act like nothing ever happened… Odd behavior at best! I live in the US, and the same damn thing is happening here as well! This is crazy making! Those in power are part of a narcissistic sick system! We are awake, Yet all I hear are crickets…🦗🦗🦗

  8. Donald Trump is not like the rest of them and they all gave him HELL! But he is truly what this WORLD needs! He went after the evil in the world! We need him back!!! He doesn't coddle people and he tells it like it is and didn't care whose toes he stepped on! That's what we need if we're going to fight this "New World Order" that wants to get rid of the majority of us and have a few select chosen few as leaders and the rest as robotic slaves! I'm 65 and will only have a few more years to deal with their crap, but I worry about my children and grandchildren! What a crap future they will have if this isn't stopped! I pray to GOD to intervene one way or the other because this crazy world is spiraling out of control!!!

  9. Thanks Neil. Same story across the pond. People are programmed to remain distracted/entertained 24/7. The Kool-aid served up by cable news serves to keep people anxious and divided over stupid ideas. People have to drop the idiot phones and start communicating the conventional way. Thanks for the eloquent video. You've got a fan.

  10. Where are the good people?? My soul is crying I am crying because of these bbb entities These GUTLESS prime ministers and presidents WORLDWIDE and their lack of caring of people. I am crying because they literally have blood on their hands and they lie and kill and kill more with their phony disasters. Then worst of all they want to create civil unrest and for the people to turn on each other. So than they can control us and find reasons to lock us up because we see their dirty tricks as they strive to drive wedges between us ordinary folks to get us do their dirty work and to cause civil unrest and conflict.I strive to have no fear as our faith carries us through and to keep our eyes wired open to the truth through these times.Love each other and know thy enemy of the people.🙏❤🌿😇🇭🇲

  11. A high percentage of politicians worldwide are members of The Illuminati's New World Order. They own and control over 2/3 of the world 🌎 . Their goal is 100% ownership of the planet with a population less than 1 billion. PRISON FOR ALL ILLUMINATI POLITICIANS!

  12. biden is dying to lock the US down again for the November election and its so insane it is looking more like there will be more of this Plan"demic " bullshit in the coming months .

  13. The Capital of The Illuminati is Vatican City. The Financial Headquarters of The Illuminati is London City and The Military Headquarters of The Illuminati is Washington D.C. The Illuminati worship Moloch/Molech and Satan.

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